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What should you do if your masks are not enough during the COVID-19?

What should we do if face masks are not enough?

The COVID-19 is continuing, and news about the it replaces our eyes every day. There are many people have anxiety, and even some excessive panic. They always worried ahout some problems about the COVID-19, for example, has the novel coronavirus mutated? Face masks are not enough, what should I do? Will I be infected with the novel coronavirus when using central air conditioning? And here show the answer from the World Health Organization which can deal with people puzzles one by one!

Has the novel coronavirus mutated?

There is no evidence of any mutation in the COVID-19. The case fatality rate remains the same – deaths account for about 2% of the total number of infected people.

The masks shortage, when should they be used?

If the masks are not enough, use it when it is most necessary. For example, when taking a bus or subway, in an elevator, or in a crowded space. In any case, we suggestion is that other protective measures are more important, such as washing hands frequently, observing respiratory etiquette, and keeping distance in social occasions.

Will you be infected with the COVID-19 by touching the packages or letters?

The anwser is no. According to previous analysis, the novel coronaviruses cannot survive for long on packages or letters. But one thing need to attend, when contacting a delivery person, cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing, and keep a social distance. And wash your hands immediately after contact.

Will I be infected with the novel coronavirus when using central air conditioning?

There is now evidence that the novel coronavirus is transmitted through contact and droplets. The droplets are heavy and cannot float in the air, and they are generally transmitted at short distances. However, the novel coronavirus is a new virus and WHO will continue to monitor its potential routes of transmission.

Will people be infected with the COVID-19 when using cash?

Existing evidence indicates that: the COVID-19 are transmitted mainly through contact and droplets. When a patient coughs or sneezes, droplets are produced and fall on the surface of nearby objects. Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol-free hand sanitizer after touching the surface of cash or coins.

Spraying alcohol all over the body can have a disinfecting effect?

No, spraying alcohol throughout the body will not kill viruses that have already entered the body. Spraying such substances may be harmful to clothing or mucous membranes (ie eyes, mouth). But 75% alcohol can prevent virus efficiently.

Asymptomatic people can also spread the COVID-19?

Yes, asymptomatic patients can also spread the COVID-19. The WHO will investigate the travel history of asymptomatic patients in detail.

The COVID-19 latency up to 24 days?

A 24-day incubation period exists, but it is rare. The incubation period is currently estimated at 1 to 12.5 days, with a median of 5 to 6 days. These estimates will be adjusted as more data become available. The WHO recommends 14-day follow-up of contacts in confirmed cases.

Hope these answers about COVID-19 can solve your problem. If you want to know more, please read other articles or bookmark this page.


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