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Why do I need a 1000W electric bicycle

Transportation to and from get off work

    Now there are more and more cars, such as small cars, big cars, and all kinds of Chinese cars. Europe has a horse-drawn carriage civilization for hundreds of years before the car civilization. The road structure is unreasonable. After liberation, bicycles are the main thing. The vehicles, the sudden automobile civilization, caught people off guard, didn’t they? Buses also don’t drive fast, they are often blocked at traffic lights, and the city is getting bigger and bigger. Cycling is not congested, but the journey is too long and it takes too much physical effort.

   The electric bicycle is here. She is a non-motorized vehicle. She enjoys the treatment of a bicycle. It can drive on separate lanes with various cars. There is no reason to be blocked. It is slightly faster than a bicycle and saves energy. Bring a person who is no more than 16 years old. Children can also go uphill easily. Shuangye’s 1000w electric bicycle has good power performance. It is the best solution to your traffic problem

   Take action quickly and carefully choose a beautiful dual-industry electric car that you are satisfied with. This is an ideal solution to your current commuting problems.

Health Concept

    Life lies in exercise, especially outdoor fitness exercises. In the early morning, while there are not many cars on the street, or choose a road without too much exhaust pollution, ride your electric bicycle for 1000w, and choose a vehicle suitable for exercise. , You can use the pedals to help, maintain a moderate amount of exercise, and sweat slightly, then switch to all-electric riding, exercise, rest, and traffic. How good it is!

   During the epidemic last year, electric vehicles were “selling fire”. Overcrowded buses are a high-risk area for epidemics. Residents choosing electric bicycles means choosing fresh air.

   In fact, the concept of sports and health is the main reason why electric bicycles have a market in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Most of the models are the pan-bicycle Sunshine series. Some customers also require us to install a set of Cimano’s high-end mechanical transmission system. A few days ago, my classmate (professor) in the United Kingdom told me that the British government encourages people to ride bicycles or electric bicycles to get off work. Everyone can count the total mileage of cycling in a year. The government will give rewards and deduct them from personal taxes. For this reason, bicycle lanes are constantly being built as a social public welfare for the people to share. I heard that many states in the United States have similar policies.

  This is indeed the case. After experiencing a large-scale automobile civilization, people need to return to natural sports. Electric bicycles retain the power-assisted movement function of pedal riding, which can mix electricity and manpower for easy transportation. Compared with traditional bicycles, the latter is prone to fatigue and excessive exercise due to its complete reliance on manpower, which is not very suitable for people who are in a sub-healthy state or have certain chronic diseases (for example, people with diabetes, hypertension, etc.). But electric bicycles are the best choice for these groups who need moderate exercise. Twenty years ago, our Shuangye electric bicycles had just started. A 65-year-old man must buy a 26 inch electric bicycle, but we were very worried about his safety. Later, the grandfather told me that he loves his city very much. I want to see the rapid changes in my hometown, and I also want to keep my body healthy. The electric bicycle I bought is usually used for early exercise. In the early morning, the road is empty, so he rides the electric bicycle around the city he knows. Watching the daily changes, breathing in the fresh air, and finally going to the park for morning exercises, meeting with old friends, we sincerely hope that this grandpa Luyuan will live a long and healthy life and enjoy the beautiful “sunset red”!

  There are also many women and men who are keen on exercising to lose weight. They will also choose sports-assisted electric bicycles. Some people are even “car-owned”. But it is more likely that they need moderate outdoor exercises, they are usually very busy at work and have no time to take care of fitness, so they can only use the precious time to and from get off work.

 In short, the electric bicycle advocates a healthy back to nature lifestyle. Maybe you have overlooked it before. Take action and create a good mood for SHUANGYE!

The value of time

   Life is limited. Life is made up of time. To save time is to treat life well. The speed of bicycles is too slow. For many middle- and long-distance customers, cycling to and from get off work consumes a lot of precious time (the traffic jam) This is also the case of the bus family). According to relevant statistics, the average level of time spent by residents in large cities in my country on transportation has reached 2-3 hours per day. Moreover, these 2-3 hours are not comfortable time and excessive physical fitness. Consumption, anxiety and irritability are all disrespect for life. The transportation efficiency of electric bicycles is about twice that of bicycles, which can save half of the time, and greatly reduce fatigue, so that you can devote more energy to work and entertainment, enjoy life, and strive for life.

   Once, I once promoted a 275 electric bicycle to a laid-off female worker riding a bicycle. We focused on the topic of “time”. At first, she didn’t think “time” was important to her. The state-owned enterprise was laid off, and now she works for a private boss. It was very negative. Later, after serious discussions, she suddenly realized that if she went to work every day, she would be the first to work in the company with energy, and every day after work, she would be the last one to leave and return home. “If you consume it, you can also help your child study hard. Maybe you can think about it at home and do company work. Then, her current boss will definitely think she is very exciting, and she will pay an extra hour of labor every day, and the future benefits will be obtained. The increase must be greater than $10 or even more

   From riding a bicycle to riding an electric bicycle, the daily cost increase is less than one yuan, and the input-output ratio is more than 10 times. So, the conclusion is conceivable. She accepted my suggestion and changed her outlook on life that does not respect time. Electric bicycles have become A good partner for her new life.

   On another occasion, a part-time worker engaged in housekeeping services calculated an account for us by herself. She chose a dual-industry folding electric bicycle and drove nearly 60 kilometers in this city every day. The output ratio is greater than 20 times. Look, all of this is the charm of “saving time”.

   In fact, not only do manual workers need to save time and physical energy, but mental workers also need to retrieve their wasted time. Their “time” may be human wealth and may change history!

   This product of electric bicycle has great vitality because of its characteristics to help people save time. In fact, many products have such characteristics. For example, washing machines help housewives save time for washing clothes, microwave ovens help us save time for cooking, and airplanes help us save time for long-distance transportation. Such products and services are destined to be broad. Market prospects.

Safety care

     In some small and medium-sized cities, there are no government regulations restricting or banning motorcycles. In these areas, many consumers often compare motorcycles with electric bicycles. Motorcycles are fast and look stylish without worrying about battery shortages. The price of low-end motorcycles is only 2-3 thousand yuan. Why should I buy an electric bicycle? Didn’t you take the humiliation to sell electric bicycles? For many years, this problem has plagued our sales organizations and users.

  To solve the difference between electric bicycles and motorcycles is really not very simple. Shopping guides always take the trouble to say that the cost of using electric bicycles is only one-tenth of that of motorcycles. Electric bicycles have pedal functions that can be used for exercise and fitness. Electric bicycles don’t need an annual inspection, a driver’s license, or a helmet. The shopping guide talked about many of the benefits of electric bicycles, and the customers are still indifferent: A) I don’t need money; B) I don’t need exercise. Isn’t the car without exercise still what people dream of? ? C) The driver’s license is easy for me. I already have it. As for the helmet, it is definitely a trivial matter.

   Later, I invented a way of saying that was very effective. Many customers who were planning to buy motorcycles began to pay attention to electric bicycles. We told our customers, yes, motorcycles are indeed great, but they are not suitable for you as a means of transportation. Motorcycles in China are motor vehicles and need to take a motor vehicle lane. Take a look at the motor vehicle lanes besides your motorcycle. What? Which car, big car, or minibus is not better than you? In the event of a traffic conflict, no matter who is the “initiator”, you must be the victim. Have you ever seen a motorcycle crash into a car? However, we often see motorcycles that have been hit by the car. The owner has entered the hospital, leaving a lone motorcycle lying in the middle or next to the road. Motorbikes are undoubtedly a veritable disadvantaged group on the motorway, and electric bicycles are absolutely nothing. The difference is that she is a non-motorized vehicle, so she must walk on non-motorized lanes and obey the traffic rules of non-motorized vehicles. Among non-motorized vehicles, he is by no means a disadvantaged group. Due to lane separation and clear positioning of users, the average of electric bicycles The rate of malignant accidents is extremely low! It is a much safer means of transportation than motorcycles. Are you willing to become a disadvantaged group in dangerous traffic or are you willing to join the bicycle race peacefully? Life is priceless, safety is priceless. Many people were convinced by these words and reviewed their decision. The SHUANGYE electric bicycle family has a new member.

   In fact, looking at the pattern of the world’s transportation, motorcycles have their fixed consumer groups in Western developed countries. For example, the well-known “Harley Locomotive” in the United States has many fascinated people, most of whom are brave enough to challenge themselves and pursue excitement. Young people, the feeling of speed, and the joy of driving fast are the main charms of motorcycles. In some developing countries, such as China in the past few years, motorcycles have been positioned as a means of transportation. This has major drawbacks. The main reason is that the conflict between motor vehicles puts motorcycles in a very passive position (if it can be used). The situation is different if there is a dedicated motorcycle lane). But this is not the case for electric bicycles. In China, non-motorized bicycle lanes (bicycle lanes) have become a pattern. I believe that it will not be cancelled in the short term (at least 10 years or more). The traffic efficiency of the motor vehicle lanes is conducive to improving the crossing capacity and the overall traffic efficiency. Her status will be accepted by more and more urban traffic governors and participants, and may become a force that cannot be ignored in urban traffic.

    The safety care of electric bicycles is the key to the success of electric bicycles over motorcycles. However, if you become an electric bicycle user and forget to follow the rules of electric bicycles and step onto the motorway, then this kind of care will be far away from you. Therefore, we must take the trouble to remind our users, abide by the law, respect life, and don’t step beyond the thunder pond. “Non-motorized vehicles and non-motorized lanes” is our eternal dogma!

Green energy: make its own contribution to environmental protection

   Products for environmental protection and effective use of renewable resources are also primary products for clean transportation. They are in line with the world trend of sustainable development. Choosing “electric bicycles” clearly shows their social consciousness.

   Is environmental protection really important? While enjoying the ever-increasing automobile civilization, we have to endure a lot of exhaust pollution. Medical research shows that many fatal diseases are directly or indirectly related to the deteriorating environment. Is the utilization of power resources really important? Many of the components of power resources are renewable resources, for example, hydropower, wind power, and tidal power. As long as the sun does not go out, power will always exist; on the contrary, petroleum resources are a non-renewable resource, and its scarcity It’s becoming more and more obvious. Look at the various battles in today’s world, right? Oil has become the focus. Geological treasures formed over tens of millions of years will be exhausted in the modern and modern centuries of mankind. Among them, oil burned by transportation accounts for nearly 50%. The economist Mr. Chen Huai put it well: the modern industrial civilization of mankind has two “highlights”, one is the invention and wide application of electric power, and the other is the invention and wide application of automobiles. The former undoubtedly brought industry into the era of gas engines. In the power age, tremendous efficiency has exploded, and the latter has greatly shortened the distance between society and profoundly changed the lives of human beings. However, it is a pity that these two great “highlights” were not combined at the beginning. The automobile chose oil and missed the “electricity”, leaving us with endless regrets. Now, we are determined to combine “electricity” with “transportation”. This lost opportunity will be retrieved in this century. The widespread use of electric bicycles is just the beginning of this ideal, just a small prelude. At present, the research and development of electric vehicles (Electric Vehicle, referred to as EV) on a global scale has shown vitality. Governments, international institutions, large enterprises, scientists, and sociologists have all attached great importance to it, but all of this is inseparable. Open the market, users are the main body of the market, and only a large number of users and common values can truly make great ideals become reality!

Life is full of fun

   With electric bicycles, what will life become? Over the years, what we have experienced most is that SHUANGYE electric vehicles have changed the lives of many users. Sometimes, some angry customers make us feel the value of our existence, “The car is broken, how can I pick up my child? “; “The car is broken, I will be late for work”; “The car is broken, I can’t go fishing this Sunday!”…

Indeed, for many customers, electric bicycles have become an important helper in their lives, and some customers’ lifestyles have also changed accordingly. For example, there are many older comrades who are retired at home and cannot drive a car. They are very strenuous to ride bicycles and don’t want to crowd the bus, but they still want to walk around frequently. Some even want to help their children take their grandchildren to school. They chose electric bicycles, the space for activities was enlarged, and the personality of the people became more cheerful.

  For another example, many young mothers, as their children grow up every day, the burden of sending their children to school by bicycle is increasing every day. A small electric bicycle has changed the state of exhaustion and hard work, reflecting the love and care of the family. The quality has been effectively improved.
  Also, many guys choose a beautiful folding electric bicycle for their girlfriends
  Bicycle, although it is not a great gift, it makes his care to be reflected in his lover’s every day, offering a deep “love” and forming a beautiful “destiny”. 

  In short, with the increasing maturity of electric bicycle products (declining failure rate and effective service guarantee), its status as a helper for people’s lives is becoming more and more certain. The well-crafted, beautiful and elegant models can also enhance your life. The quality is improved and life is full of fun.

  As the saying goes, good products bring a good mood! I hope we can live up to your expectations, and Luyuan electric vehicles will become your favorite helper.

Ups and downs and bright prospects

The third rise of electric bicycles began in the late 1990s. Luyuan participated in this unyielding rise throughout the entire process. The technical problems were broken one by one, and the product system and service items became mature and perfect. You can consult me on corporate philosophy, technical characteristics, and service items.

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