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Why mountain longranger electric bike with suspension

Why mountain longranger electric bike with suspension

Have you find that an intereting phenomenon is most of city electric bikes without suspension, but most of mountain longranger electric bikes have suspension? Do you know why is there such a difference? If you are a mountain longranger electric bike riders, you will know why mountain bike suspension is so important.

As we all know, not like most city bike riders biking in the city or on the flat roads, mountain bike riders often riding their bike on rough terrains, so suspension helps to absorb the shocks you will feel as you go over rough ground and will give you a smoother ride as a result. That is the reason why people try riding an mountain ebike that comes equipped with suspension and then not willing go back to a bike without suspension. Slowly, mountain bikes with suspensions are a typical match.

Actually, even mountain longranger electric bikes are divided into several categories. In the cheapest market, you’ll find heavy frame electric bikes without suspension. And you will get an ebike which is only suspended on the front, or a full suspension system which designed to absorb shocks through both the the front and rear wheels. However, if you look at a professional high-end model mountain longranger electric bikes, you will find that it usually only has a front-end mountain bike suspension. This maybe seem strange at frist when you found that. After all, if there are mountain bike suspensions on the front and rear wheels, definitely you will get a smoother ride. Right?

In fact, this think is right, but the difference in riding is not as obvious as the difference in energy you will using out of it. The front wheel of mountain longranger electric bike suspension will absorb most of the bumps and jolts you will feel when flying on a steep, dusty hillside filled with potholes and cracks. However, when you riding an e bike on the ground and relying on pedal power to move youself along the route, you will perform much better and go much faster without rear suspension to hinder you.That is because most of the energy you are  pedalling on is absorbed by the rear suspension. Essentially, you have to pedal faster and consume more energy to cover the same distance you would on a mountain longranger electric bike which just only has the front suspension.

When you are buying a new mountain longranger electric bike, look for a good mountain bike suspension system carefully. Rather than spending money on so-called double-suspension mountain longranger electric bike, it’s better to pour the same cash into a mountain electric bike with a better front suspension system. Mountain biking is a popular, fast and crazy sport that people of all ages can enjoy. If you enjoy it even more your energy wasted on riding a bike that isn’t up to scratch. In fact, front suspension could deal with most terrain situations.

I have said before most of city electric bike without suspension, but some Shuangye longranger city electric bike models equipped with front suspension, like A3AL28, A5AH26, A3AL26. And we also offer dual-suspension electric bikes, like A6AH26-S mountain ebike, G4 folding mountain e-bike, A1-R foldable 20inch electric bicycle. Choosing one of them depend on your needs and like.

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