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Winter riding, you need to know the considerations

Winter riding, you need to know the considerations

Consecutive La Niñas are not unusual – they have occurred eight times since 1950- but if another La Niña occurs this year, it will come at a time when much of the western United States is already suffering from a catastrophic drought that has scorched crops , straining the power grid and sparking fires and widespread wildfires. California relies on winter storms for much of its water use, and these systems usually veer north during La Niña.

When the temperature is -5℃~+5℃, you can choose the upper body quick-drying underwear + fleece + windproof jacket matching, the lower body long thick riding pants, or short riding pants + fleece pants + sports pants, now the advanced winter riding clothes are generally inner fleece design, outer wind-blocking material design, very suitable for riding activities in this temperature. When the temperature is below -5℃, it is not recommended to carry out long-distance riding activities. For short-distance riding, it is recommended to use, the matching of quick-drying underwear + fleece + punching jacket, and the matching of thermal underwear + thickened riding pants can be considered for the lower body.

Winter riding dress code through the other three seasons the same ~ clothing color as bright as possible, easy to attract the attention of vehicles on the road, safety first



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