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Electric bike review

Best Cheap E-Bikes You Can Buy in Shuangye

Best Cheap E-Bikes You Can Buy in Shuangye

LCD large screen display,can show Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, Eerror code, Cruise Control and more.

Record your mileage, speed and power,Five speed adjustable, with pedal riding, the speed will be faster

Large capacity lithium battery with a endurance of 40-80km

Various transmission options, 7 / 21 / 29 transmission

Three kinds of riding system, create more choices for you

1.Hidden removable waterproof battery

2.Independent R&D patent bike frame

3.Outlook:Elegant leisure unisex electric bicycle
4.Front shock absorption, easy riding on rough roads
5.Self-developed aluminum alloy frame with high quality and technology.

Electronic commutation to replace the traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, never wear, low failure rate, life than the brush motor increased by about 6 times, represents the development direction of electric vehicles; is a static motor, no-load current is small; high efficiency; Small volume.

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