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48V removable electric bike battery H2-350


Model: H2-350
Length: 350mm
Material: Lithium cell
Voltage: 48V
Capacity: 10Ah/13Ah/13.6Ah/14Ah
Charger: 54.6V 2A 100-240V input
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Warranty: 12 months
Applicable Ebike model: A6AH26, A5AH26, A6AH26F, A6AH20F

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48V removable electric bike battery

High power ebike means need larger capacity battery as a power supply. This 48v electric bike battery have removable design, it is very convenient to replace battery for electric bikes which are purchased from Shuangye, sometime you can remove it and take to other place(like office or home) to store. This is one of new design electric bike battery and each ebike battery was used high quality cells, whether you want to have a spare battery or need to replace the older, it can meet your needs. electric bike batteryelectric bike batteryelectric bike batteryelectric bike battery Specification Model: H2-350 Length: 350mm Material: Lithium cell Voltage: 48V Capacity: 10Ah/13Ah/13.6Ah/14Ah Charger: 54.6V 2A 100-240V input Charging time: 5-6 hours Warranty: 12 months Applicable Ebike model electric bike batteryelectric bike batteryelectric bike batteryelectric bike battery



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