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Shuangye electric bike battery 36V 8AH 10AH

Color: Black
Charger: 42V 2A
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Battery capacity: 36V 8AH/10AH
Usage: electric equipment
Warranty: 12 months

Product Details

Shuangye electric bike battery 36V 8AH 10AH

Electric bike most important part — battery. This bottle battery is larger size than the old type, which could hold more battery cells, larger capacity, from 36V 8AH to 36V 10AH, and the charging time is short enough, 4-6 hours. After a full charge, the range of ebike could run 40-60KM.

It could be widely used in electric equipments:

1. Electric vehicles: such as electric mountain bike, electric tricycle bike, electric motorcycle, electric cleaning car…

2. Electric toys: electric remote control toy car, plane, bus and so on…

3. Lights: emergency light, warning light, cap-lamp and UPS

And the advantages of this battery:

1. short charging time 4-6 hours

2. Long range: 40-60km

3. High temperature performance

4. Longer cycle life

5. 12 months warranty

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