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5 Things Daily Electric Commute Bike Riders Know

5 Things Daily Electric Commute Bike Riders Know

Commuting by electric commute bike is convinence every day—despite snow, sleet, rain, and wind—has its own set of challenges. It’s a small club they inhabit, those hearty, everyday commuters. Most of us give in and drive on certain bad days, but those who ride to work on the daily know a few things that we don’t. Here are just a few. Next we talk about 5 interesting things daily electric commute bike rider know.

Winter Riding

Biking in snow is both the worst and the best. In some snow areas, riding an electri commute bike in the snow can be an absolute blast. But some bike commuters, while a hearty breed, also admit that it can be brutal. That said, they wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. And some riders more inclined to ride in when the weather is bad, because they know pubilc transit will be worse. They like the sense of achievement when riding in through a snowstorm is great. One electric commute rider said: “When it snows, I’m the only one showing up smiling because I just had a blast riding, as opposed to people frustrated by getting stuck in traffic or by mass transit not running properly.” Shuangye at tire electric bike is one of the best choice riding in the snow, 26″*4.0 inch keep riders steady while biking.


“Bike commuters know how every stoplight functions and how long you have at the light” said from each longtime daily electric commute bike riders. When you leave the house at a certain time every single day, you start knowing how many seconds you have to make it to the light that crosses Main Street, or how long that awkward “left-turns go-first” light lasts and then control biking speed by yourself.

Of course, that’s not to say each commuter should push the boundaries and squeeze through red lights—just that the more often you ride the same route, the more attuned you become to the way each light and the traffic flow works on the most direct route to the office.


That wind or sleet weather? A pair of goggles is your secret weapon while riding electric commute bike to commute. Sometimes it gets so bad that your cycling-specific glasses just aren’t cozy enough, and your eyelashes start to freeze. Rather than hurting their eyeballs, true commuters know the best secret to keeping warm: ski wear. But wear goggles is a correct choice instead of ski goggles.

Hair Problem

Your standard for a “good hair day” will recalibrate when you become a daily bike commuter. That carefully coiffed style ends up in a ponytail or bun for most women, who find that helmets make hair flatten or frizz. Telling your hairdresser, “I ride bikes a lot” helps, but not much. Using humectant pomade to defy frizzy helmet hair may be also a nice way.

Worth it

Weather, traffic, annoying gear, and all the minor inconveniences aside, electric commute bike commuting is pretty awesome. They love waving and saying hello to friends I see on the way to and from work and any inconvenience is overshadowed by the feeling of connection with my community—and of course, the free parking by the door. And you will take in sights you never notice, you saw so many little things, flowers and surrouanding change.

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