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Electric bicycles riding safety tips

Electric bicycles riding safety tips

Electric bicycles are more popular than ever, they are also a great way to get around, save money and protect the environment – all while having a blast. Electric bicycles cycling more accessible to the elderly, people with disabilities, and anyone who might hesitate to hop on a conventional bike. But as fun as ebikes are to ride, they still require attention to the best electric bicycle safety practices to ensure your fun rides can continue safely for as long as possible. Many electric bicycle safety tips are similar for standard cycling, but there are also some ebike specific tips that you should pay attention to each time you hit the road. Next show you some ride electric bicycles safety tips.

Pay Even Closer Attention to Traffic
Every cyclist should pay attention to the flow of traffic, but it’s even more critical on an e-bike. Drivers may not expect a cyclist to reach 20 mph on the road, and that disconnect can lead to potentially dangerous scenarios. As electrical bicycles become increasingly popular, you not only thinking about what you’re doing on the bike, but also how drivers perceive you. Part of the issue with traffic is that drivers don’t know how to look out for bikes zipping by with an extra 250 watts of power behind them, even 500 watts.

Ride on the proper side of the road
This might sound obvious, but a lot of people believe it’s better to ride against traffic so that you see cars coming towards you and they can’t sneak up and hit you from behind. However, that type of rear end bicycle collision is incredibly rare compared to all other types of bicycle accidents.

Keep your tires properly inflated
Not only does this help you improve your ebike range, but it will also give you better control should you need to react quickly to avoid a collision. Keep your tires topped off so you have the best chance to staving off a crash when milliseconds count. While you’re at it, check your tire tread and make sure your tires aren’t bald. Worn tires and ebikes are a bad combination due to all that extra power you’re packing. You definitely don’t want to lose grip with the road when you need it most (or pretty much ever, for that matter.)

Brake Earlier
Because you have a lot more speed and power behind you, braking becomes all the more important. Even at the lightest assisted gear, an electric bicycle will add around 50 watts to your pedal stroke. That means you’ll want to slow down well ahead of stop signs and road crossings, and far earlier than you would on a slower-moving bike. Get to know your brakes and their relative power, so you can better assess the safest time to start slowing down.

Please remember, it’s a bicycle. Crashes can happen on any bike, but electric bicycles are noteworthy because of the higher speeds involved. So when you’re out zooming around town, make sure to keep standard bike safety in mind. If you want to know more electric bicycles safe riding tips, leave your message below or welcome to visit Our Official Website.