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6 ways to make battery bike commuting easier

6 ways to make battery bike commuting easier

Most of us recognize that battery bike commuting is the ultimate win-win and a positive influence on your fitness, mental health, wallet, time and the world around you. But there are also somethings people will worried on. For example, bad weather(sleet, rains, wind), a too-long commute, your pant legs and bike spokes problem, ect. For these problems, we search some of cyclists, how they settle common commuting issues. And this post will share their ways to each battery bike commuter.

Organize Your Stuff in The Night Before

Arranging everthing you need of tomorrow commuting to make your commuting riding easier. Make sure your battery bike power is full, your work clothes are packed, and you have everything you need to roll out the door. Making a list is a good “secretary”, it helps to remind of everything you need to bring with you. Your checklist might be shorter or longer depending on what you need, but step one is to get organized. Or just set aside a plastic drawer by the door for all your commuter stuff. You also have a contingency plan, carry a bike lock with you in case you need to make emergency stops. Know where the nearest bike shops are located.

Pre-Ride Your Commuting Route

If you’re a new battery bike commuter or don’t have much experience riding the roads you’ll be taking, then a trial run is a great way to build confidence for your first commute. A trip planner is a good tool to help you to find the best route and record riding time. The bike mode in Google maps is a nice choice.

Check the Weather

Check tomorrow weather is importance. You can check on your phone weather application, it tell you when and for exactly how long it will rain in your location. It’s a useful tool for deciding whether to head out early—and how much rain gear to pack. And keep in mind that bike lights will always make you more visible in the rain. So check your battery bike front light work condition. Raincoat also necessary, it can protect you avoid full soakage.

Gear Up With Rear Rack, Fenders and Front Basket

Rear rack and front basket are a great place to put down your stuff. Backpacks and messenger bags are easy enough, but if you really want to commit to everyday riding, rear rack and front basket is necessary. Fenders can avoid mud, water, gravel dirty your pants to reduce the trouble of riding.

Wear Work Clothes To Ride

Some of us like to commute in work clothes, others find it easier to ride in kit and change when we get to the office. Actually, ride a battery bike to commute, if you like use throttle to cycle, wear your work clothes is the best choice. It can reduce your time and wouldn’t make you sweat to wet your clothes. If you like pedaling, work clothes and ordinary mix wear is a good choice you can try, this way can reduce change clothes time.

Flat-Proof Your Ride

The best thing you can do to ward off flat tires is start carrying a flat kit and pump with you. Or you can do is to get tough tires that can handle rough road surfaces. Road battery bike is many people choice to commute in the city thanks to its lightweight. Kenda more versatile tire in about 28C to 32C, so it become the first choice of Shuangye electric bikes.

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