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8 inch or 10 inch folding electric scooter

8 inch or 10 inch folding electric scooter

The electric scooter that folds is not a new product. As congestion in and around cities to rise, it is pushing commuters to search clean and efficient transport solutions instead in pay expensive rentals and buy equally expensive homes near work. This is why so many people are choosing folding electric scooter over their car. Never wait bus and subway, just ride it go where are you want. So folding electric scooter have become a staple of city life. And Shuangye have two different wheel size and configurations folding electric scooter – 8 inch A1-8 and 10 inch A1-8.

Folding electric scooters are great for commuting and general travel but you need to notice some aspects. How portable does it need to be? Will you be taking it on any public transport or storing it at work? How comfortable do you need it to be? Will standing up like a traditional folding electric scooter be too uncomfortable or will need a seat? Hopefully this article will cover everything you need to know to help you answer all these questions.


Compare with unfolding electric scooter, more people like to choose folding electric scooter become a commute tool. There is really an increasing number of options for anyone looking for portable transport solution, folding electric scooter just comes to what will fit your needs best. Portability will be very important if you use the folding electric scooter for the commute. All of two electric scooters are able to be folded away, but some are more compact and space saving, so they can be stored easily. 8 inch and 10 inch wheel size of the scooter will also a good choice when thinking of portability. 8 inch and 10 inch folding electric scooter easily taking it on public transport or carry it flights of stairs.



The comfort is very dependant on the riding style of the scooter. Most of folding electric scooters with a step through frame where both feet are placed on the deck. These make great commuter scooters. If you’re looking for more comfort and features, then a scooter with a seat could be perfect for you. Shuangye 8 inch and 10 inch folding electric scooter can equipped with a seat on the deck, it is suitable for those who are always think standing feel too tired.

Performance and configuration

No one want to own a low quality and not well performance folding electric scooter.  There are a few things we need to consider for the performance and configuration of a folding electric scooter. Like speed, range, charge time and product quality. At the same time, high quality and well performance means you need to cost more.

Usually the top speed and range of folding electric scooter will depend on motor power and battery. 250W and 350W motor power can reach about 25km/h – 30km/h, and 500W motor power can reach much more.But a top speed shouldn’t be a priority over portability when you use folding electric scooter for commuting everyday.  Different capacity battery can have different using range. As a matter of fact, large capacity battery can long-distance riding. For your convenient, both of Shuangye 8 inch and 10 inch folding electric scooter use removable battery which is 36V 9AH. The charge time can take 10 hours to fully charge which may be incredibly convenient and much better than other scooter.

In fact, 8 inch folding electric scooter and 10 inch folding electric scooter have different configuration. 8 inch folding electric scooter equipped with honeycomb hole non-inflatable wheel, without inner tire, anti puncture and durability and electric brake+drum brake, stable performance drum brake is lighter than disc brake 1 kg. 10 inch folding electric scooter installed a pair of pneumatic tire electric scooter and mechanical disc brake. A 3W front light, LCD display digital meter and front wheel with spring damping system.

8 inch and 10 inch folding electric scooter has great night visibility, with bright lights on the front, and has front shock absorbers that help to reduce bumps on your journey. They’re overall a top quality e-scooter at a reasonable price. Both of them is a great beginner scooter that looks good.

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