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Two similar fold up electric bikes

Two similar fold up electric bikes

Fold up electric bike is a good choice, whatever money, space, time and energy. As we all know, there are many types of fold up electric bikes on the market. Which one is you more favorite? Some fold up electric bikes use hidden battery make the bike outlook more elegant, some fold up electric bikes adopt rack battery which is can support to remove it. There are also many types rack battery on the fold up electric bike. And now I want to share you two types Shuangye fold up electric bike A3AL20 and A3AM20.

In fact, this two types fold up bikes are paired with, so they have similar bike frame, design and style. Usually, A3AL20 fold up electric bike more suit lady to ride, and A3AM20 fold up electric bike more suitable for man. And they the biggest difference is bike frame design. Compare with A3AM20, A3AL20 bike frame design more in line with the aesthetic of women. Offer our customers high quality fold up electric bike, we use 100% aluminum alloy collapsible bike frame. So, these fold up electric bikes more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of electric bike.

Help you save more space and enjoy a portable travel, the collapsible frame is a main design part. Unlike unfolding electric bike, fold up electric bike can change their bike frame size through three steps, collapse its stem, bend its frame, and fold its pedals. Then you can pushing it to walk or park it beside a compact place. Folding design not only provides a convenient function but also can save your home space. Just fold it, then take it into house and put it beside the door or empty place.   

Besides the bike frame design have similar configurations. Like 20 inch wheel, why we will choose 20 inch wheel on these two fold up electric bikes, not 16 inch or 14 inch wheel. 20 inch wheel is more suitable for daily travel, commuter and leisure riding after work or at weekend. In order to your security, two types fold up electric bike equipped with aluminum alloy wheel rim and spoke to make the wheel stronger and have excellent sustain impact damage ability. Riding with your companion, enjoy a leisure and relaxing riding time on a lovely and bright sunny day.

And both of fold up electric bike use rack battery which we call yinyu battery beside the seat tube. For meet you daily requirement, 36V 8AH/10AH/13AH removable battery on the bikes. They can get 25-30 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 40-60 miles (Assisted Mode) ridding under ideal condition with full charge. Combine with 250W/350W hub brushless gear motor, enjoy non-riding journey everyday and every time. Have a fun riding experience and go further where are you going to.  

Install a LCD display digital meter screen on the left of handlebar to solve you want to know the current information while you riding on the road. It will show you the fold up electric bike’s real motor power, current electric power, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. And you can through the LCD digital meter system to check the fold up electric bikes electronic system situation.

How about the other bike components? Unlike other city electric bike and mountain electric bike, these two types fold up electric bikes equipped with V-disc system to adapt your daily commute and travel. I think V-brake is enough to keep you safe every day. For give you have a better riding experience, the two fold up electric bikes use SHIMANO 7 speed, you can adjust the speed between high gear speed and low gear speed. Hidden controller under the battery and a 3W bright front light with a USB charging port to make ensure a bright view for night riding.

In word, these two fold up electric bikes are suitable for riding with your companion, your friends and your family. If you are interested in one of them or want t to know more their information. Leave a message and your questions.



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