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Different power of motor for bicycle

Different power of motor for bicycle

Not only commuting for work every day, but also riding outside and exerciser on leisure time. Electric bicycle has become a good option. What factors when you think before buy electric bicycle? There are a few things thinking when you prepare to purchase electric bicycles. How much power motor for bicycle and how much battery capacity? How about electric bicycle performance and max speed? What about bicycle frame material and bicycle configuration? Usually, motor for bicycle would be the first considering reason. What kind of different power of motor for bicycle? Hopefully this article below can help you and deal with your questions.

There are many power of motor for bicycle. Low motor power like 250W and 350W, high motor power like 500W, 750W, 1000W and more high motor power. What does low power motor and high motor power mean? Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the higher your electric bicycle power will be and more power. A common electric bicycle setup is a 36V (volt) battery and a 10A (amp) controller. It is important that electric bicycle motor volt must be as the same as battery volt. For example, 36V battery equipped with 36V 250W motor, and 48V battery with 48V 250W motor for bicycle.

How much electric bicycle power is necessary?

How much electric bicycle power do you actually need? The answer will mostly depend on two factors: your weight and whether you will be riding up many decent-sized hills. The heavier you are, the more power you need to accelerate the electric bicycle. The steeper and longer the hill you are trying to climb, the more power you need to get up the hill. 

If you are not too heavy, there is quite comfortable on 24V, 250 watt electric bicycle. This is a very low powered electric bicycle and living in a flat city, so you doesn’t have to worry about hills. If you living in a hilly area, you’d likely need closer to or more than 350W power of motor for bicycle, which could better be achieved by an electric bicycle with a 36V battery. An electric bicycle with a 36V battery and 350W power of motor for bicycle which would be plenty to scoot you up a decent sized hill. 

And if you like riding challenge and pursuit high speed, high power motor is suitable for you. What do power of motor for bicycle can decide? Max speed is the main influencing reason. There is about reach 25km/h when you cycling an 250W motor electric bicycle, and about 35km/h max speed with 500W motor. However, the power of motor for bicycle more high, the battery volt need to increase. Like Shuangye A7AT26 2000W fat tire electric bicycle is equipped with a 60V 20AH battery. If the battery volt not increase, it will not enough battery power to support when installed a high motor power.

Weight is the second difference between different power of motor for bicycle. The motor power more high, the motor weight is more heavy will be. And the electric bicycle weight more heavy because of high power and large capacity battery. For you safe considering, Shuangye electric bicycle use fat tire wheel when you need over 750 watt motor of bicycle. Therefore, men more like high power motor electric bicycles for their weight, strength and favorite. But the cost of a high power motor electric bicycle is more expensive than a low power motor electric bicycle. Especially, when the electric bicycle equipped with well quality components and material.

Except buy well-assemble electric bicycle, you also buy different power of motor for bicycle conversion kit to make a electric bicycle by yourself. If you want to know more different power of motor for bicycle information, you can leave message or browse our website to find you favorite one.



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