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8 Reasons Why buy a fat tire bike

8 Reasons Why buy a fat tire bike

Why buy a fat tire bike

As time passed, people learned about their usefulness, and fat bikes gained more and more experts. Despite this, many people are still reluctant to accept this idea, but those who have tried to ride a fat bike understand what is going on and become a fan of fat bikes. Some people even sold their old bicycles and kept a bicycle with big tires as a general purpose vehicle. Why buy a fat tire bike? It depends on the situation, so you should consider 8 reasons to buy a fat bike.

1-Take you to places where you have never cycled before

Fat bikes are very attractive to bike addicts because they don’t allow anything to restrict them to indoor activities. Fat tire bikes provide better grip and traction on the toughest terrain. Whether it’s wet stones, muddy paths or snow-capped hills, these bikes can take you anywhere.

Tying your bike to a tree and walking the rest of the road to prevent stepping out of the hole has become history. Since the wide tires provide extra grip, no surface matches the wheel. Fat tires are designed to reduce the accumulated pressure on bicycles and riders by adding additional contact surfaces. This is why fat tires leave a good impression even if the ground is covered with snow.

Fat tires are suitable for riding on the softest beaches, which ordinary mountain bikes cannot provide. Fat tires will not slip on wet ground, nor will they crack when they touch icy corners.

2-You can ride a bicycle regardless of the weather

Some people really like sports, and there is no weather that will make them afraid to complete their training program. Fat tire bicycles may adapt to any weather. They will not slip on wet stones or asphalt. They also won’t sink into dirt or snow, which makes them perfect vehicles for getting from one point to another, especially when public transportation is not running. In addition, because they are heavier than ordinary mountain bikes, fat tire bicycles are likely to withstand strong winds without endangering the rider.

3-Increase comfort during riding

Fat tires do not need to be inflated too much because they provide a high standard of comfort at lower tire pressures. Pressure fat tires can support as low as 15 or 10 psi, and possibly even lower. In addition, fat bikes are rigid and are not equipped with any type of suspension system. They really don’t need any suspension, because it is “integrated” into the tires. That’s right, fat tires become softer at lower pressure values, and the elasticity of rubber helps absorb shocks and increase comfort.

Why buy a fat tire bike

4-Almost no maintenance

Considering that fat bikes are rigid, manufacturers have not put a lot of work on the bicycle frame. This means that not many parts will be damaged and need to be replaced. Even if it looks a bit expensive, you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance when buying a fat bike. Think of it as an investment.

5 – You will face real challenges

Just because fat bikes are great for riding on snow or soft surfaces does not mean that riding them is a retreat. Many fat tire bicycles have only one speed, and you need enough muscle strength to move forward. In addition, because fat tires increase the overall weight of the bicycle, they also move at a slower speed and are more difficult to handle. Having said that, please rest assured that you will get the lower and upper body workouts you are looking for.

6 – Better balance for beginners

Due to the wider contact surface, fat tires also translate into better balance. This is why fat tire bicycles are very suitable for those who learn to ride a bicycle. With some practice, even the most inexperienced rider can quickly master its tricks. And because they don’t run very fast, beginners are unlikely to be injured unless the rider has a certain amount of muscle strength.

7-A new way of entertainment

The unique appearance and functions of the fat bike make riding fun. Getting a fat bike is just a way to ride a local trail while gaining a different perspective. In addition, the efficient semi-suspension provided by the tires helps the rider explore more local areas that may only be ridden by bicycles equipped with wider rubber. On the other hand, fat bikes are a good excuse for socializing. Some experienced bike owners need something to slow them down so that their friends and loved ones can keep up with them. The funny proportions of fat tire bicycles will make the rider stand out. But riding a bicycle like this is the only way to understand why everyone is talking about it. Riding a fat bike is not for speed, but for enjoying outdoor activities at a slower and more comfortable speed.

8 – You can participate in unique competitions

Because fat bikes are slower than mountain bikes or race bikes, some people think that they cannot participate in bicycle competitions. Well, they were so wrong. As fat bikes are becoming more and more popular, many sports associations see this as an opportunity to organize events for people who own fat bikes.

Although this may seem a bit exclusive, it is also a good opportunity for fat bike owners to show off their cycling skills and have a lot of fun at the same time. If you don’t have your own house, who says you can’t borrow or rent it for the game? Such incidents are a good excuse for sports enthusiasts to buy fat bikes but there is no snow or sand nearby.

Compare products: mountain bikes, cruisers and fat bikes
Recreational riders often don’t know what to choose when buying a recreational ride. Should they choose a fat bike, a cruiser or a sports bike? In terms of durability, it seems that both beach cruisers and fat tires are basically indestructible. Cruiser bicycles are also equipped with wide tires.

Still, even if their tires are fairly wide, cruiser riders are usually limited to boardwalks and streets because the tires are not wide enough to float on the beach. Fat bikes allow users to drive on sand-covered surfaces without any trouble. Although the fat tire bicycle seems to be different, the design of the cruiser is both stylish and expressive with a retro look.

Fat bikes and cruisers are usually single-speed bikes, which means they do not require complicated maintenance. Nevertheless, being very heavy also slows them down, and manipulating them is very tempting. But this is not very important for casual riders. Therefore, cycling is just for pure enjoyment. Handling fat bikes also seems to be smooth, but it may not be as easy as handling sports bikes. Exercise bikes have a shorter wheelbase and are made of lighter materials. Because their wheelbase is smaller, the turning radius is smaller.

The lighter it is, the better the control effect when tilting or turning in the opposite direction. Exercise bikes are suitable for people with insufficient upper body strength, which means that in this sense, fat bikes will provide better exercise. In terms of weather, sports bikes are likely to skid on wet terrain. This is not the case with fat bikes and cruisers, because the width and weight of the tires help increase control over wet roads, but their structure makes them slower and require wider turns.

Although cruisers tend to take up more space, the only important thing about fat bikes is the tires. Just like riding a sports bike, a fat bike rider must sit in a forward leaning position. When riding a cruiser, the sitting position is upright or slightly leaning on the back. This difference should make us think that fat bikes are indeed faster than cruisers, because sitting posture makes one more aerodynamic than the other.

In terms of safety, it is assumed that fat bike riders have little chance of being injured in a traffic accident and will not be too far away. This is usually attributed to the way of riding, because fat bikes cannot be a fast means of transportation. Since riding a fat bike means poorer speed, collisions that do not involve other vehicles are unlikely.
Why buy a fat tire bike
Some people believe that because two-wheeled motor vehicles require a lot of maintenance, fat bikes are the future. However, even if their functions are basic, it seems that not all fat bikes are not completely affordable. Nevertheless, the basic version is still available at a reasonable price. Some bicycle owners switch to fat tire bicycles altogether. Those people once owned full suspension bicycles and sold them to buy a fat bicycle. Why would you ask? The reason may be to keep up with friends or loved ones. Others mentioned that they relived their childhood when they were riding bicycles just for fun. Most fat tire bike owners admit that they like to ride because it makes driving on gravel roads possible and more fun.

Despite this, others mentioned that they are not ready to give up their full suspension mountain bikes because they noticed that this is a better option when faced with more technical issues. In addition, if the path you choose involves a lot of climbing and frequent acceleration, then riding a heavy bike can be tiring. However, riding a fat bike is still a unique experience. Most importantly, it is fun.

In conclusion

Fat bicycle tires are a pleasant means of transportation. They provide good grip on uneven terrain, even if the ground is covered by snow, sports enthusiasts can get good exercise. Since it has not been widely used in some areas, riding a fat bicycle is bound to impress relatives and friends.

If it is not purchased from a store, the unique characteristics of fat tire bicycles can at least allow sports addicts to try them on. Since they do not need to be very careful, fat tire bicycles are ideal for ordinary riders who need bicycles to meet basic transportation needs.

Fat tire bicycles are safer than bicycles and provide more contact surfaces. Because they are heavy, they will not be blown away by the wind, nor will they slide on wet or soft surfaces. However, should ordinary bicycle owners give up their daily bicycles in exchange for fat bicycles? No, they are not necessary. They don’t even have to buy one to learn all of it.

But they should at least give it a try. If they don’t like it, it’s another crossed-out experience in the “must do” notebook. Sometimes, riders need to forget weight, speed, rolling resistance or time. Riding a fat bike is not to improve performance. It’s about letting yourself indulge in simple pleasures.

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