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How to wash electric bike when spraying

How to wash electric bike when spraying

Your electric bike needs special care. If you don’t maintain it properly, it may damage the bicycle’s electronic components. The same is true for how to clean electric bicycles. A common question is whether you can use an electric washing machine to get the job done quickly.

Unfortunately, you should never spray clean your electric bike. The precision electronic components of electric bicycles, such as batteries and motors, are easily damaged by strong water spray cleaning. This is because loose debris, dirt, sand, water and moisture will be forced into sensitive areas due to high pressure.

In addition, the electric washing machine can also remove the necessary grease and protect the bearing from water and debris.

So, how do you clean the electric bicycle correctly and carefully without damaging it? It’s not difficult, but it does require some knowledge so that you can do it correctly… and use the right tools and cleaning supplies.But how to wash electric bike?

How to wash an electric bike?

You may be surprised when you suddenly realize that you need to clean your electric bicycle. Even if you usually ride on clean streets and stay away from dirt roads, you may find yourself hitting mud puddles, passing through dirty construction areas, or taking detours on dirt roads.

Therefore, you should make preparations for cleaning the electric bicycle in advance. It’s like you should always have pumps and bicycle kits or multi-tools ready (even if you plan to take the electric bicycle to a bicycle shop for repairs).

In addition, improperly cleaning your electric bike may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty!

How to wash electric bike

Steps to safely clean the electric bike without damaging the electric bike

1. Clean the front cover or remove the battery and digital display.

Either one is a good choice. However, it is a good idea to take out the battery occasionally to clean the contacts and make sure that no debris is stuck where it shouldn’t be.

It is easy to protect the display with plastic film or a small plastic bag, but if you are not going to spray the bicycle and only use a wet cloth, you may not need to do so. Just make sure that no water drips from the rag.

2. Use a soft brush or soft cloth to wipe off loose debris, dirt, sand or salt water spray.

Start at the top of the electric bike and go all the way down. You may spend the most time on tires and rims because they have the most contact with debris. Soft brushes are most suitable for tires, especially fat tires with multiple knots.

3. If there is thick grease on any part of the transmission system (derailleur, chain, flywheel or sprocket), be sure to use degreaser first.

Only use the degreaser made specifically for bicycles, and do not use it anywhere other than the transmission system. In fact, it is best to spray the degreaser directly on the brush you use for cleaning, not on the bicycle chain.

Let the degreaser dry, and then proceed to clean your electric bike.

4. Use the special cleaning agent for bicycle to clean your electric bicycle.

You can use bicycle shampoo, non-decomposing plastic coating or seals like this one.

First, starting from the top, wipe the frame with a soft damp cloth (such as these microfiber cloths) or sponge. Many bicycle cleaners can be simply sprayed, wiped or washed off. But be careful not to spray near sensitive areas. If so, spray the shampoo directly on the cloth, and then wash the bicycle with the cloth. Gently scrub the parts that can be safely cleaned.

Note: Some sensitive parts should not be cleaned with soap or water (or rubbing hard, that is, using a dry cloth): these include brakes, seatposts, chains, gears, hubs, bottom brackets, and earphone bearings (where the frame and handlebars are connected). When the bicycle is being manufactured, all these areas are ready for normal operation and should not be messed up.

In addition, these areas are potential entrances for water to enter the frame (which may cause rust). However, these can be wiped with a soft dry cloth.

Then rinse off all soap and residue. You can use a wet rag or a very light sprinkler garden hose for this (I avoid using a hose altogether because it is not worth the risk, even if it is not a high pressure washer).

Don’t forget to clean the tires, which are probably the dirtiest of all bicycle parts (and use a tire pump with pressure gauge to inflate them properly if needed)!

5. Thoroughly dry your electric bicycle.

Don’t let any area rust or keep moisture that shouldn’t be.

If you do use hoses, you must be very careful to dry all parts of the electric bike thoroughly, and carefully consider all the above-mentioned “potential access points”.

6. Lubricate the chain with a suitable lubricant (so as not to damage the chain).

This needs to be done frequently, especially after each wash. In order to properly lubricate the bicycle chain, you need to use a “dry” lubricant if you ride in dry conditions and a “wet” one if you often ride in humid environments.

Apply lubricating oil to the middle of the chain so that the chain can hang freely. Place the lubricant on the top of the bottom chain to make it evenly distributed. Avoid using chain lubricants anywhere else, especially on brakes. Make sure to gently wipe off excess lubricating oil.

7. Clean the brake carefully.

Use a cleaner designed specifically for bicycle brakes. But don’t use degreaser.

8. Test the function of your electric bike after cleaning.

Is the battery reconnected correctly? Is the electric bike controller’s job? Is the motor operating effectively?

And make sure that every nook and cranny is dry!

How to wash electric bike

What e-bike cleaner should I use?

There are many products to choose from, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, first, I will clarify the content you do not want to use, and then show you the content that you can use safely.

Cleaning products you should not use:

Do not use soaps for cars, because they often contain a wax that is not suitable for bicycles.

And, as mentioned earlier, do not spray cleaning your electric bike or use any type of high pressure washer or hard spray hose.

Cleaners you can use safely:

Generally speaking, you can use any type of cleaner, degreaser and lubricant made specifically for bicycles. Not motorcycles or cars…just bicycles!

The most important thing to consider is not the brand of bike cleaner you use, but the correct use of it on your electric bike. Similarly, avoid spraying directly to sensitive areas and do not overuse. Just follow the instructions on the back of the cleaning fluid bottle.

How to wash electric bike

What kind of electric bicycle chain lubricant should I use?

The most important thing is not what brand of chain lubricant you buy, but whether it meets your riding needs. But, fortunately, it is very simple.

If you are riding in a predominantly dry area (such as California), buy a dry bicycle lubricant. However, if it rains frequently, or you splash a lot of dirt and snow, please prepare wet lubricating oil for your electric bicycle. Therefore, the type of lubricant you choose is very important for winter mountain bikers.

There are many dry lubricants and wet lubricants used by others. Just choose the one that suits your main riding conditions.

How often should I clean the electric bike?

Ideally, you should clean it as thoroughly as possible (as described in the steps above). However, when you see debris sticking to the electric bike or riding on any terrain other than paved roads, be sure to consider washing it.

Of course, if you use an electric mountain bike in mud and snow, you need to clean it after every ride.

In addition, if you have been cycling on the beach and spraying salt mist, you also need to clean it immediately.

However, if this is not the case and your electric bike becomes moderately dirty over time, then you can easily keep it clean at any time. Just take a dry or damp cloth and wipe or remove dust and dirt regularly, perhaps after each ride. Then it will not accumulate. And you don’t need to clean it thoroughly often.

And, if you don’t want to clean it yourself, you should follow a typical maintenance schedule and professionally clean the bike at every repair. But even so, most bicycle shop professionals will still recommend that you clean between two maintenance.

In conclusion

Buying and maintaining electric bicycles is an investment of time and money. Therefore, it is important to understand how to properly clean and maintain it.

The first thing you should know is that spraying your electric bike for cleaning may completely ruin it. You can go from riding an electric bike in your life to sitting down and crying for why it doesn’t work!

If you follow the simple steps I outlined for you above to clean your electric bike without high-pressure cleaning it, then there is no reason to do so. Get the knowledge and tools needed for cleaning electric bicycles at any time and be prepared.

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