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city cruiser ebike 26*1.95 tire 48V 500W 750W motor

Motor: 48V500W/750W

Tyre: 26*2.3/27.5”*2.35/26″1.95/27.5″*1.95

PAS: 1:1 pedal assistant

Max speed: 30-45km/h

Loading: 150kg


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City Cruiser Electric Bike | 26*1.95 Tires | 48V 500W / 750W Motor

Our Electric city bike is a high performance model designed for city riding. Equipped with 26*1.95 tires and 48V 500W or 750W motor, it brings you a smooth riding experience.
Equipped with 26*1.95 tires and 48V 500W or 750W motor, our city cruising e-bike is highly praised for its stylish appearance and excellent performance.

city cruiser ebike

Key Features:

CUSTOMIZED CRUISING: Designed for urban travel, easily navigate through crowded streets and feel convenient and comfortable.

Powerful power: 500W or 750W motor provides you with powerful assistance, which makes hills and starting easier and more comfortable.

Wide Tire and Wheel Design: 26*1.95 tires provide stable riding balance and adapt to a variety of road conditions, such as potholes and uneven roads.

Eco-friendly travel: Choosing an e-bike is a contribution to the environment, reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner city.

Intelligent control: Intelligent control panel adjusts the power level and the battery status at a glance, allowing you to keep track of your riding status.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or a leisure roamer, our city cruiser e-bike is the ideal choice. Start your easy and convenient urban cycling life by purchasing one today! Contact us for more information.

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