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Electric City Bike/

E bike electric city bike36v250W350W city bike electric

Motor 36V 250W/350W/48V500W

rear brushless motor

Battery 36V 8AH/10AH

48V10AH Hidden  Lithium battery

Controller 36V intelligent brushless
Tire 24*1.75 Inch
Frame Foldable, 6061 aluminum alloy
Gear Single Speed / SHIMANO7 speed
Fork Aluminum alloy suspension fork
Front light Front light with USB charge port
Display LCD880 display 6 speed level
Throttle   Thumb Throttle/Twist Throttle
Charging hour 4-6h
Disc brake 160 disc brake
Max speed 25-35km/h
1:1 PAS Range 40-60km
Carton Size 136*28*78cm
Weight N.W:22kg,G.W:26kg

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HOTEBIKE-A3Pro Electric City bike Journey

As cycling enthusiasts and environmentalists, nothing excites us more than the perfect combination of energy efficiency, speed and style. We’re talking about electric city bikes, more specifically, the HOTEBIKE-A3Pro. Of all the crowded adult electric city bike markets, this one stands alone.

Aluminum Alloy vs Steel Bike Frames

Every cyclist knows that the core of a bicycle is its frame, which will affect the entire riding experience. Aluminum alloy and steel, these two different materials, have always sparked a lot of discussions in the bicycle frame market. So, which frame is your ideal companion? Let’s delve into the world of aluminum alloy and steel and see their respective advantages.

1. Feather-light or rock-solid?

If you are the type of rider who values speed and seeks a lightweight riding experience, then aluminum alloy is undoubtedly your top choice. While steel frames are heavier, it also makes the riding process more stable and durable.

2. Impact resistance, durability, and maintenance

Aluminum alloy frames have higher strength, corrosion resistance, and are more suitable for complex road environments. However, if subjected to an impact, aluminum alloy frames may not be repairable. In contrast, steel frames are more solid and durable. Even if there is some damage, they are easier to repair. However, it is important to note that steel is prone to rust, so it has certain requirements for the usage environment.

3. Cost and price

Due to differences in manufacturing costs, aluminum alloy frames are usually more expensive than steel frames. If you have a certain budget to consider, then a steel frame may be a more economical choice.

Let’s make a comparison: a lightweight aluminum alloy frame is like an elegant ballet dancer, while a sturdy steel frame is like a determined runner. Do you want to fly lightly or move steadily? The choice is yours.

A top-notch feature is a removable 36V 8AH/10AH battery. In a market flooded with integrated batteries, our bikes prioritize rider convenience and needs by giving you a removable battery.

No need to worry about moving the entire bike near an electrical outlet to charge. With a removable battery, you can simply remove it and bring it indoors for charging at an outlet, providing great flexibility and convenience. This feature is especially useful if you park your bike in a public area or garage where there may be no power supply.

Additionally, the E Bike Electric City Bike36v250W350W gives you a choice between 8AH and 10AH models. Whether it’s the 10AH for longer battery life for long city rides, or the standard performance 8AH, choose what’s best for your riding habits and lifestyle.

We are equipped with a detachable 36V 8AH/10AH48V10AH Hidden Lithium battery, an important upgrade compared to typical non-removable batteries. With this feature, charging your e-bike battery becomes even more flexible and convenient – you can remove it to charge indoors, or keep it securely attached to your bike while you’re on the move.

But wait, there’s more. No more worrying about your belongings when you’re out and about in the city. This bike comes with a built-in front basket, perfect for storing personal items and grocery bags. The rear luggage rack adds extra storage space to the whole package for luggage or larger items, proving once again that this electric city bike truly understands the demands of city living.

Break tradition and reinvent commuting. What we bring to you is a unique electric city bicycle that has a folding design and takes up no space at all when folded. With just a simple operation, the volume of the bicycle can be reduced by half, whether you are taking public transportation or traveling by car. , can be carried with you.

In conclusion, the HOTEBIKE-A3Pro isn’t just another fast electric city bike. It’s an efficient, eco-friendly solution to urban mobility that delivers exceptional performance without compromising on style or convenience.

So why wait? Embark on your journey with the HOTEBIKE-A3Pro and experience the future of urban commuting today!Learn more about electric city bikes


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