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Cycling in snow: 6 reasons let you want to cycling in snow

Cycling in snow: 6 reasons let you want to cycling in snow

Cycling in snowThe cold discourages many people from cycling, but there are also others who enjoy it.

Regardless of the weather, cycling enthusiasts will find inner peace and balance through cycling. Too many of us hang up our bicycles at the first sign of snowflakes, but if you do, you will miss the many benefits of cycling in snow. According to research from Northern Arizona University, when your body tries to stay warm in the cold, not only will you burn more calories, but your body has also learned to use oxygen more efficiently. In addition, cycling in snow is very interesting, but it is not easy to ride in the cold season. The whole body is affected by the cold, especially the feet. The bicycle needs frequent cleaning and often has to deal with dark roads. And this did not break the persistence of cycling enthusiasts. On the contrary, cyclists feel that this can bring many benefits.
Cycling in snow

Temper one’s will

When hiding in the house, things always look much worse than when they really go out. Bring enough equipment and set off into the wild. Let the wind and snow blow to your face, learn to fight with nature, and let your adrenaline surge. Every step towards the outdoors is the cornerstone of the road to the strong.

Feel the slow philosophy

In modern society, everything has become very fast, and people are always taught to use time at first glance. The reverse is true for winter cycling. Forget to check the average speed, it doesn’t matter. The legs on cold snowy roads are very suitable for riding at an average speed of 12KM/H. The slower you ride, the more you can enjoy the surrounding environment and the more relaxed you will be.
Cycling in snow

Body becomes stronger

The uneven snow surface is a difficulty for strength and stability training. It is a constant fusion of strength, endurance and balance skills, and you will use your upper body muscles more than usual.

Improve cycling skills

If you can master the slopes in winter, ride on slippery slopes easily, and calmly maintain your balance when facing the danger of crashing, you will see a fully evolved self in summer. (Of course, in most cases, the snow is not soft and fluffy when it falls into the snow.) This will improve your cycling skills
Cycling in snow

Receive natural remedies

Maybe the winter sun will not make people get enough vitamin D, but some sunshine, fresh air, and new snow on the forest trails, they will work together to strengthen your immune system and help release endorphins. Who doesn’t like happiness?

Finally, don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Cycling home in winter and drinking a cup of hot chocolate is a classic way. It will make people feel comfortable and relaxed. In winter, you must be kind to yourself!

Five tips to help you successfully ride in an urban environment this winter:

1) Take a moment
Although the trend is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, in winter, Patterson recommends slowing down. It may take a little longer, but navigating obstacles hidden under snow or ice requires more attention. If you are not riding at full speed, it will be easier to always be alert to your surroundings.

2) Prepare your bike for winter riding
It takes a few steps to get your bike ready for winter. You can also use these six methods to cheaply protect your road bike from the cold. A good set of lights is also important because there is less time during the day and visibility is reduced when it is snowing or cloudy.

3) Appropriate stratification
Keeping warm outdoors in winter can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to overheat, but at the same time you don’t want to lose the sensation of your toes and fingers. “For the upper body, please wear a tight-fitting base shirt. You can move a few layers. If you get wet and need to be replaced, you can leave an extra one. Wool is always good. Then a suitable coat is waterproof and windproof, and has A certain degree of breathability,” Patterson suggested. “It’s an investment in comfort. For serious riders, if you work in the mud all day, getting Goretex shoe covers and pants will keep you dry. Cold feet will quickly end your day. Consider using hiking leggings. Prevent your shoes from getting snow and mud, and consider wearing tights or warm leggings to keep your legs warm.”

4) Use quieter streets
Although it is sometimes best to clear the main road after a snowstorm, taking a quiet road will keep you away from heavy vehicle traffic. “Ride in a safe and alert manner and always know your environment. You should not push yourself into an environment that feels unsafe,” Patterson said.

5) Clean your bike

During a ride, the gravel, snow and ice on the winter bike can become very bad. Ideally it can be stored inside, but if not, Paterson recommends using a brush and cloth to wipe the bike before leaving the bike. Slush may freeze and make it very tricky to ride it next time. Rotate the wheels and transmission system to remove ice or debris that can wear parts. “Wipe your bike clean before stopping. If possible, lubricate at least once a week, but once every night. Lubricate the contacts and your locks so that they don’t get stuck in the cold.” Use wet lubricant for the chain And apply it often. If there is a problem, Patterson said it is crucial to solve it as soon as possible.

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