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Cycling skills: knowledge you should master

Cycling skills: knowledge you should master

Cycling skills

Many people once thought naively: as long as they are well equipped, they can be top-notch technology! In fact, it is: if the technology is not good enough, even if you wear the best equipment and ride
the best performance car, you may still be blown by the “scum equipment party”!

Stepping into the cycling circle for so long,

Are you willing to be a silly white sweet outfitting the party who knows nothing and knows nothing? 

If you don’t want to, you should learn about cycling skills!

1.Master the correct riding posture

Cycling skillsTake the Tour de France rider as an example: the seat is higher, the handlebars are lower, and the whole person leans forward.

Therefore, the correct riding posture is:

The upper body is lower and the head is tilted forward;

The arms are slightly bent, and the waist is arched;

 Gently hold the handles with both hands and keep your hips close to the cushion.

2.Use the correct pedaling method

Cycling skillsWhen riding a bicycle, you should use force before the pedal reaches the highest point.

The riding and pedaling skills are

“The legs are level, the toes are raised, the heels sink”,

In this way, the range of the rider’s force can be expanded and the effect is better.

And the characteristics of sinking heels,

That is, the muscles change their exertion state in a short period of time,

Get a short rest to achieve the purpose of restoring muscle fatigue.

3.Understand how to use bicycle grips

Cycling skillsReasonable grip posture and suitable angle help improve riding comfort and handling.

Mountain bike grip mode

The arms are slightly flexed and extended, and the elbow joints are slightly opened outwards,

Relax your shoulders naturally, don’t shrug your shoulders, and lean forward.

 Road bike grip mode

 Hold your hands on the upper end of the handlebars, slightly bend your arms, and lean forward,

The palm of the hand can easily control the shifting finger and the brake, and the arms can slightly clamp the armpits.

 According to the actual situation, through constant trial and error, you can find the most suitable grip method.

4.Improve climbing technology

Cycling skillsUse small gear ratio

Using a smaller gear ratio allows you to ride and maintain a high-efficiency pedaling frequency.

It is not easy to cause soreness in the legs.

Save physical strength

“Improper bird”, maintain a stable climbing speed,

Allows you to save your strength and rush to the top!

Appropriate weight loss

When you lose weight, you will notice a significant improvement in climbing performance.

Because the weight that needs to be moved is reduced, the effort is also reduced.

5.Ready to use the brake at any time

Cycling skillsWhen riding a bicycle, make sure that at
least one finger is pressed on the brake, and be prepared for emergencies at
any time.

When using the front brake, you need to shift the center of gravity back to avoid raising the rear wheel and causing people to fly out.

The point brake method is used for effective braking to prevent accidents from locking and reduce damage to bicycle parts.

When going downhill or turning, you need to control the brakes at all times, but you can’t depress the front brake excessively, and try to use the power of the rear brake as much as possible.

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