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How to avoid knee joint injury to riding

Tips on avoiding knee injury in cycling

1. Use high speed (90~100 rpm) and select light gear (low gear) to pedal

Many novices, even friends who have been riding for a long time, like to ride with a high gear ratio with great strength, but they don’t know that every time the knee is pedaled, the force is relatively large.

If you use high cadence, the force on your knees will be reduced each time you pedal, which can effectively protect your knee joint.

In order to gain speed when climbing a hill, some friends use their full strength to pedal down the bicycle. After all, the strength of the human knee joint is limited. It is not surprising that such a large force affects the knee knee joint. Therefore, those with serious knee joint damage are generally those with better physical strength.

Saddle adjusted to the right position

When riding a bicycle, the patella cartilage is prone to inflammation due to repeated bending and straightening of the foot, causing the knee joint to be constantly worn. The more bend your knees when riding a bicycle, the greater the pressure.

For the sake of safety, people usually adjust the seat very low when riding, so that they can support the ground with their feet when problems occur. However, a too low riding posture directly causes huge pressure on the knees.

If you always choose this riding position, the knee joint will soon have problems.

The correct saddle height is: When you are riding a bicycle, your legs are almost straight after you push the pedals to the end, but there are still a little bends.

3. When stepping on, the knee should move vertically on a plane

The movement of the knee is not purely on a plane like a hinge. The movement is a little bit of slight rotation. For example, pay attention to your kneecap when riding a bicycle. If it moves vertically up and down, instead of front and back. Shaking, then the pressure on the knee is minimal, but your kneecap is in a figure-8 or S-shaped movement (viewed from the side), then it may cause knee injury.

4. Exercise strong and soft muscles

Muscle development can relieve the pressure on the knee under certain circumstances, and can minimize knee damage. Do more leg muscle exercises at ordinary times to minimize the endurance of the knees.

To prevent sports injuries to the knee joint, long-term stretching and weight training can be done to exercise the quadriceps-the bending muscles on the back of the thigh. If the quadriceps are strong, the knee will be stronger and it will not be easy to be injured. Consciously strengthen the quadriceps (front of the thigh) and cruciate ligament exercises, strengthen the inner quadriceps and thigh muscles (for example, weight-bearing squats), combined with muscle stretching, walking, horse walking or sticking Wall exercises and other methods pave the way for the smooth movement of the patella in the femoral end compartment.

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