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Do you need a special electric bike helmet

Do you need a special electric bike helmet

Compared with ordinary bicycles, when you ride an electric bicycle, your speed will definitely be much faster due to motor assist and/or throttle. Depending on your electric bike, you can even reach 28 mph.

Therefore, it is understandable whether an electric bike helmet is needed when riding an electric bicycle.

Generally speaking, you do not need to wear a special helmet when riding an electric bicycle. However, you should wear the highest quality safety helmet you can afford, because riding a fast electric bike increases the risk of head injury.

To be honest, the degree of helmet protection for your head has a lot to do with the speed at which you are riding and the type and degree of impact that occurs during the impact.

Learn in this article what information you need to know to get the most suitable helmet for e-bike riding. For example, do you know if you need a helmet? Or what security features should you have?

Below I have a list of the best riding helmets to choose from, and the precautions you need to keep your head safe when riding at high speeds.

What is the difference between an electric bicycle helmet (it is very special)?

To clarify, it is not the difference between helmets, but the difference between electric bicycles and ordinary bicycles. Riding an electric bike is very special.

Since motor-assisted electric bicycles are faster and more powerful than standard bicycles, you need to be extra careful to protect your head from serious injuries in a collision. This is why it is recommended that most e-bike riders use high-quality e-bike helmets with additional protection.

electric bike helmet

What is a bicycle helmet made of?

Generally, bicycle helmets are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a polycarbonate shell (PC), and a durable EPS foam lining (expanded polystyrene).

Part of the difference between a cheaper electric bicycle helmet and a more expensive helmet is how it is made from these materials. High-end bicycle helmets often add technology and enhancements to the EPS foam itself.

In addition, even rigid bubbles are not equal. Depending on the density, it can be crushed by a small impact or only by a large impact.

Bicycle helmets made of thicker and stronger EPS foam will provide better protection than cheaper helmets with lower foam density. In addition, the best electric bicycle helmets usually add protection to the helmet lining or shell.

Ultimately, e-bike riders should consider which helmet can best protect their brains in high-speed collisions, because this is the main difference compared with ordinary bicycle riders.

Do bicycle helmets need certification?

If sold in the United States, all bicycle helmets, whether used for electric bicycles or not, must be certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This means that they all have minimum standards for handling head impacts.

Many other countries, such as Canada, also support these standards or have their own certifications.

For example, the Netherlands has NTA 8776 certification, and bicycle helmets sold in Europe must meet the CE2205 – E10 safety requirements.

If you buy a helmet online, please make sure it comes from a country with certification standards. All helmets sold in the United States should be CPSC certified, but you will never be too careful when it comes to protecting your head from injury.

Do e-bike riders need an electric bike helmet?

If you want to increase the protection of your head and brain in an electric bicycle accident, you must be equipped with a helmet. Safe electric bicycle riding should be your top priority.

In a collision, the goal of the multi-directional collision protection system is to reduce the rotational force of the rider’s brain during a collision.

When a collision occurs, the rider’s head usually hits at an angle. Ordinary bicycle helmets are designed to protect the front or back of the head from blows, while helmet technology believes that such direct head impacts are unlikely.

Therefore, wearing a helmet can help reduce the force of head rotation.

It does this by using an additional “sliding” layer inside the helmet (you can find research and other information here), which is either close to the head, inside the EPS foam, or close to the outer shell.

Ultimately, due to the speed of the electric bicycle, you are at a higher risk of greater brain impact in a collision, so it is essential that you buy a helmet.

electric bike helmet

What is the best helmet for an electric bicycle?

There are hundreds of different models and prices of electric bicycle helmets, making it difficult for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Generally speaking, the best e-bike helmets should be high-quality and should have additional safety features that you can afford, including:

High-quality impact-resistant material (sturdy EPS foam)
Bright, easy-to-see colors
Integrated tail light (such as LED light)
Comfortable shoulder strap and closure
Easy-to-adjust fit (with dial fit system)
Goggles (important when riding an electric bicycle at high speed)
Additional sun visor protects your eyes from the sun and rain
Good ventilation (keep your head cool)
In addition, an excellent helmet may have functions that make it more comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The best electric bicycle helmet for you may be light weight, adjustable airflow (some vents can be closed), allow you to listen to music or talk, and cost reasonable.

There is no doubt that the best e-bike helmet can cling to your head, cover your forehead and protect the back of your head.

Maybe you have all these features to create a truly special helmet for e-bike riders!

However, even if you don’t buy a helmet with all the best features, you can still get a helmet that suits you. If you get one that suits you perfectly and has something, then you do yourself a big favor.

What is the average cost of an electric bicycle helmet?

Bicycle helmets that are ideal for e-bike riding are usually priced from $55 to $195. However, you can get a more secure helmet for as low as 30 USD and as high as 300 USD. Generally speaking, you will need to spend an extra $25-30 to get it.

Therefore, it is important to know that you can get the best electric bicycle helmet with high safety factor at a reasonable price.

Bright colors, soft shoulder straps and adjustable but close-fitting styles are essential considerations when you buy a helmet!

electric bike helmet

Do electric bicycles require helmets (is there a law)?

In most places, the law does not require adults with Class 1 or Class 2 electric bicycles to wear helmets. Generally speaking, each country, state, city or county has its own set of laws. However, Category 3 electric bicycle riders and children usually need to wear a bicycle helmet.

So, for example, in the United States, federal law does not require adults over 18 to wear bicycle helmets, even if they are riding electric bicycles. But each state (or each region within a state) may have its own set of helmet laws.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand the helmet laws in your city or state.

What is a level 3 electric bicycle (why do you need a helmet)?

In the United States and some other countries/regions, three types of electric bicycles are defined:

Level 1-This is an electric bicycle with a top speed of 20 mph without a throttle
Level 2-This type of electric bicycle has a top speed of 20 mph, but it is also driven by the throttle.
Level 3-However, level 3 electric bicycles can reach a speed of 28 mph with the assistance of a motor
As you can see, the driving speed of category 3 electric bicycles (with the help of a motor) is much faster than that of category 1 and 2 electric bicycles. Therefore, many local laws define cycling as a higher risk, which is why these riders must wear helmets. In addition, there are other restrictive laws regarding the 3 types of electric bicycles.

Therefore, in some places, the law requires you to wear a helmet when riding a class 3 electric bicycle.

Does a stylish electric bicycle helmet have the functions I need?

You can choose to buy an electric bicycle helmet based on the appearance and additional features, but you should still put safety first by looking at the performance of the helmet.

Make sure that the electric bike helmet you decide to buy has the highest level of protection you can afford.

Then buy products with other features and styles you want.

There are several good helmets for electric bike riders in different styles. You can choose from hundreds of these styles on Amazon.

In conclusion

Although you usually don’t need any type of special helmet for your electric bicycle, you may need to wear a helmet under certain local laws. No matter where you ride an electric bike, you should always check the legal requirements.

Therefore, although you don’t need a special helmet for your electric bicycle, what really makes the helmet “different” is that it helps protect you from head injuries.

More importantly, whenever you ride an electric bicycle, you should always wear a riding helmet because it is faster and more powerful than an ordinary bicycle.

There are many reasonably priced electric bicycle helmets, which are only 25-30 dollars more expensive than basic bicycle helmets. In addition, if you want, you can even find a fashionable product with extra features.

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