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Ebike controller protection functions

1. The main protection principle of electric bicycle controller

The protection function is to protect the commutation power tube and power supply in the controller from over-discharge. When the motor is running, the circuit will take protective measures based on the feedback signal. 

Ebike controller

2.Six extended functions of the electric bicycle controller

1. Power off the brake:

The two caliper brake handles on the electric bicycle handlebar are equipped with contact switches. When braking, push the switch to close or open, changing the original switch state. This change forms a signal and transmits it to the control circuit, and the circuit issues an instruction according to a preset program to immediately cut off the base drive current, cut off the power supply, and stop the power supply. Therefore, the power tube itself is protected, the motor is protected, and the waste of power is prevented.

2. Undervoltage protection:

This refers to the voltage of the power supply. At the end of discharging, when the power supply voltage is close to the “end-discharge voltage” under load, the controller panel (or meter display panel) shows that the battery is low, attracting the rider’s attention and planning his own trip. When the power supply voltage reaches the end of discharge, the voltage sampling resistor will send the shunt information to the comparator, and the protection circuit will issue instructions to cut off the current according to the preset program to protect the electronic equipment and power supply.

Ebike controller

3. Overcurrent protection:

Exceeding the current limit may damage a series of components of the motor and circuit, or even burn out, which should definitely be avoided. In the control circuit, this overcurrent protection function must be provided to cut off the current after a certain delay in the overcurrent.

4. Overload protection:

Overload protection and overcurrent protection are the same. Excessive load will inevitably cause the current to exceed the limit. The load capacity of the electric bicycle is specified in the manual, but some riders may not pay attention to this, or deliberately overload with the mentality of giving it a try. If there is no such protection function, it will not necessarily cause damage in which link, but the power tube must be switched first. As long as the power tube of the brushless controller burns out, the motor becomes two-phase power supply and weakens. You can feel the abnormal pulsation immediately; 

Ebike controller

If you continue to ride, the second and third power tubes will be burned. If the two-phase power tube does not work, the motor stops running, and the brushed motor loses its control function. Therefore, the overcurrent caused by overload is very dangerous. But as long as there is overcurrent protection, the circuit will automatically cut off the power after the load exceeds the limit to avoid a series of consequences caused by overload.

5. Underspeed protection:

It still belongs to the category of over-current protection and is set for the brushless control system without zero-speed start function.

6. Speed limit protection:

It is a unique auxiliary electric bicycle design control program. When the vehicle speed exceeds a certain predetermined value, the circuit stops power supply without assistance. When the automobile motor is designed, the rated speed has been set, and the control circuit has also been set. Electric bicycles can only travel at this speed. The position of the controller does not affect the performance, mainly depends on the designer’s intention.

However, there are also several principles for speed limitation, namely: (1) Allow operation time (2) Allow layout time (3) Meet line layout requirements (4) Meet the requirements of supporting facilities

The basic protection functions and 6 extended functions of the above electric bicycle controller. 

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