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Electric bike china with 350W mid- drive motor

Electric bike china with 350W mid- drive motor

There are two most common electric bike china styles used in today. One is hub motor electric bike china, another is mid drive motor electric bike china. And the market of electric bike china with mid drive is extending. Now, let me share you a mid drive motor electric bike china.

What a electric bike china can help you? I think the big part is it can shorten your time on the way to work, to shop. Helping you save more energy while riding. Let you keep your time and energy to do other thing which more important and urgent. It will be a good helper in your daily life.

Shuangye mid-drive motor electric bike china is made up aluminum alloy frame. And it with a pair of 26 or 28 inches wheel which is suitable for people riding in a long time easily. Give you a comfortable and excellent riding experience. And the electric bike china support one person or loading 150 kg. The electric bike china is suitable for office worker to cycle, and do not need to change their suit.

The one point is the hidden battery was installed in the electric bike china frame. 36V 9AH/10AH battery is a power of electric bike china, and the charging time is 4-6 hours which is shorter than other electric bikes. You don’t worry the electric capacity of the electric bike china, and can riding 50km or 80 km under the fully charge. the hidden battery of the electric bike china with mid drive motor support removed to prevent stolen.

Actually more electric bikes were used hub motor, but this electric bike china equipped with a mid drive motor of 36V 250W/350W/500W which gives a boost of up 25km/h-35km/h. This electric bike china suit those who like the electric bike motor more lightweight, stealthy and unobtrusive. It is easy to replace the front and rear wheel of electric bike china. The electric bike china of mid drive motor in low gear can climb steeper hills easily and more powerful than a hub motor electric dirt bike of similar electric power.

Besides, the electric bike china suspension front fork allowed to adjust 100mm range can give you more suspension while cycling on the steep road or hilly terrain. The electric bike china was used 160 disc brake for front brake and rear brake which it better than V-brake. Disc brake make you stop the electric bike more easy, just use little strength while you riding. And we also used reflectors on the electric dirt bike which can ensure your safety on the road.

The electric bike china equipped with a LCD pass display, you can know information about capacity indication, motor power display, riding speed, trip distance, PAS level and cruise function, backlight and headlight display sign, environment temperature and so on. You can adjust your plan with this information. Seat quick release was installed on the electric bike china can adjust the seat post and handlebar height depend on your like and your need. We also equipped with a small 3W LED front light  USB mobile phone charging port.

If you want to more detail information about the electric bike china, please contact us freely!


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