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Folding electric bike fast delivery to Europe

Folding electric bike fast delivery to Europe

There is a good news for live in the Europe who prepare or want to buy a folding electric bike in their daily lives. We will offer 20% discount for a model of folding electric bike on our Aliexpress.com website store. If you order them directly on our Aliexpress mobile app store, it will be more affordable, offering your higher discount than Aliexpress.com website store.

The folding electric bike with 20 inch wheels, which is the best type cycling in the urban city for commute every day. We committed to delivery the goods about 7 days after you payment and free shipping, when you order this electric bike. But it is limited to the Europe region. Let me introduce this folding electric bike.

20 inch folding electric bike

Shuangye A1-7 city folding electric bike can give people a convenience life when they want to grocery shopping or ride the electric bike travel in the city. Why I say that? The biggest highlight is the folding function of electric bike. You can fold the electric bike frame, pedal and top tube easily without too much strength. Folding electric bike would be the best transportation tool to choose. Based on its portable and convenient.

The folding electric bike is suitable for university students in campus when students need to have class or take prat in activities around the campus. It also a portable and convenient transportation tool to office worker who living near their company. So,the folding electric bike can help riders saving too much time on the way to destination and then have much time to do other things. And you are never worry be late.

If you ride a folding electric bike to have class or go to work, you do not worry no place to park it. You can fold it up and put it behind the classroom or beside you work place where never hinder others. Some you can fold and take it into the subway and bus when you feel tired. It is so convenient and portable! We offer black and blue, so go and choose which one is your favorite.

The 36V 10AH hidden lithium-ion battery was installed in the frame of electric bike which is the second highlight of folding electric bike. It is hard to find out the battery on the folding electric bike. And the folding electric bike charge time is 4-6.5h hours which can ride 40-60 KM under fully charge. You also removed the battery from the frame where you can fold the electric bike.

The folding electric bike has a high efficiency and powerful 36V 250W hub brushless motor which gives a boost of up 25km/h. So, when the folding electric bike battery run out of electric quantity, it can also turn into a non-electric bike. If you do not want to suffer from this situation, do not forget charging the folding electric bike when the battery is running out.

A LCD pass display was installed on the left of handle, you just use on hand to control the LCD display. You can know electric capacity indication, motor power display, riding speed, trip distance, PAS level and cruise function and so on at any time. Based on these information, you can adjust your plan depend on you like while riding. We also equipped with seat quick release on the folding electric bike, you can adjust the height of seat post and handlebar depend on you like and need.

If you are interested in the folding electric bike, don’t hesitate to buy it!.


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