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Electric bike frame material

Electric bike frame material

With the advancement of material science and processing technology, the heavy “iron horse” no longer meets the needs of modern life, the requirements of light weight, and the use of composite materials have made electric bicycles a means of transportation with high production technology. The following are currently widely used in Introduction to the material of the front fork of the frame.

Carbon steel:

The iron (Fe)-carbon (C) alloy without adding any alloying elements deliberately is carbon steel. Carbon has the effect of increasing the strength of the steel. The higher the carbon content, the better the strength, but the carbon content is higher than 0.8% When the carbon content is higher, the steel is more brittle. Therefore, the electric bike material of the frame and front fork is medium and low carbon steel with moderate strength, good plasticity, and easy processing, with a carbon content of about 0.25%-0.35%.

Chrome-molybdenum alloy steel:

The steel made by adding one or more total elements to carbon steel is alloy steel, and the addition of molybdenum (MO) and chromium (Cr) is called molybdenum-chromium alloy steel.

The role of molybdenum: increase the strength of steel, prevent tempering and brittleness.

The role of chromium: corrosion resistance, rust resistance, prevent high temperature oxidation.

The strength of molybdenum-chromium alloy steel is among the best among alloy steels, and it is easy to draw pipes to reduce weight. It has become the most common frame and front fork material. At present, the name of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel draw pipes:

BUTTED (one-time pumping) or second element, two kinds of tube wall thickness.

DUBLE BUTTED (secondary pumping) or three-dimensional, three kinds of tube wall thickness.

TRIPLE BUTTED (three-time draw tube) or four-dimensional, four tube wall thickness.

The role of the pipe drawing is to make the arch bridge with thin sides and thick in the steel pipes have the same strength, lighter weight, and stronger metal properties.

Aluminum alloy:

Aluminum is the metal with the largest stock in the world. Its light weight, corrosion resistance, and appropriate strength enable scientists to predict that the future may replace today’s steel. Aluminum and other metals are synthesized into aluminum alloys. Among them, copper is the most common. Copper is used in aluminum alloys as carbon is in steel, but aluminum alloys for corrosion resistance must not contain copper.      

The characteristics of aluminum originally make it extremely easy to oxidize. Fortunately, it forms a very fine AI203 film as a result of its oxidation in the air, which can protect the inside from oxidation. Therefore, the corrosion resistance is higher than that of copper and titanium. A layer of light intensity AI203 film formed on the surface of the product is both beautiful and anti-corrosive. In addition, the aluminum alloy surface is easy to be colored, and a layer of colored film can be grown to get the desired color.

Magnesium is a very flammable metal. Early photography was used in magnesium light lamps, that is, the strong light caused by burning magnesium powder. The weight and strength of magnesium alloys are about 2/3 of that of aluminum alloys. Although light, they are not easy to process and are more brittle. , So at present, in addition to the use of magnesium alloy for the shell of ROCK-SHOX suspension forks, the general frame is rarely used.

Titanium alloy:

The stock of titanium (Ti) on the earth ranks fourth among metals. Titanium and its alloys are comparable in strength to alloy steel but only half the weight and strength. Together with superior corrosion resistance, it has become necessary for the military, aerospace, and space industries. As materials, the current universality of titanium alloy tubes used in bicycles is not high. Because of the high cost of smelting, welding and other processing are not easy to complete, the price is high and it is difficult to be widely used.

Carbon brazing dimension:

Carbon brazing is a new electric bike material with high strength and light weight. Strictly speaking, it is a composite material. It is not composed of a single material. Other resins, glass fibers, aluminum alloys, etc., can be mixed or overlapped according to their characteristics. It is currently the most heavy Light-weight carbon electric bike frame material, carbon brazed tube is made of carbon fiber cloth woven into carbon fiber cloth, and then processed and lapped layer by layer.

At present, there are several types of electric bike frame that can be manufactured: steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber, etc. The general market frames mainly include steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and carbon fiber. Scandium alloys and magnesium alloys are recent emerging materials and are relatively rare.

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