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The two ebike different electric bike frame

The two ebike different electric bike frame

As we know, there are a lager difference frame between mountain electric bike and city electric bike. According to the difference of requirements, mountain electric bike and city electric bike was used different frames to suit in different users needs and features. Let every user have a comfortable experience to enjoy their days and relax themselves.

electric bike frame (5)Let talk about the mountain electric frame firstly. We know the main frame of mountain electric bike is a frame of two triangles which look more bigger than city electric bike frame. Why we choose that frame of two triangles as the mountain electric bike frame? The main reason is more strong and durable, compared with other type electric bike frame. We all know that triangles are the most stable shape in our lives. So it can withstand more impact than you imagine. When we use double triangles frame as the mountain electric bike frame, the mountain electric bike can ride on a lot of complex roads which non-mountain bike can not pass. And more mountain electric bike frames with a suspension front fork, some have full suspension on the mountain electric bike frame. The suspension can provide riders good buffer, let riders have a better comfortable experience when they ride through steep slope.

Comparing with mountain electric bike use double triangles as electric bike frame, city electric bike frame more use one triangle being their frame. Why city electric bike use one triangle in their electric bike frame? Because this difference base on mountain e-bike and city e-bike features, city e-bike more emphasis portable and comfort. More female prefer to choose city electric bike, so the city electric bike frame tend to design for women. City electric bike more use to get out and shopping, so city electric bike frame the requirements of durable and firmness both are lower than mountain electric bike frame.

electric bike frame (3)Besides the difference of main frame shape, the frame material is another difference between mountain electric bike frame and city electric bike frame. Now, more mountain electric bike frame and city electric bike frame made up aluminum alloy, so the metarial make e-bikes more light and have a hardness. But some mountain electric bike frames will made up other materials, like steel, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and so on.

Moreover, more city e-bike wheels use aluminum alloy, but mountain e-bike wheels will use aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. But some time you can decide the material of wheels depend on you like when you buy online.

If you want to know more detail information about mountain e-bike and city e-bike, please contact us freely.


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