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electric mid drive bike 48V500W with wholesale

Battery: 36V 8AH/10AH/11.6AH/13.6AH lithium battery
Motor: 36V 250W/350W/500W brushless motor
Fornt fork: Suspension aluminum fork
Wheel: 26″/27.5″/29″
Display: Multi function LCD3
Gear: 7/9/21/27 speed
Fornt light: 3W LED headlight with USB charging port
TUV CE Certification

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Electric Mid Drive Bikes: The Future of Sustainable Transportation

Introducing our Electric Mid-Drive Bike, the epitome of a thrilling and effortless journey! With its powerful motor and sleek design, this two-wheeled wonder not only turns heads but also leaves ordinary bikes in the dust. Furthermore, let’s explore the advantages of Mid Drive Motor EBikes that make them the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled riding experience.

Advantages of Electric Mid Drive Bikes
2.1 Increased Efficiency and Range

One of the key advantages of electric mid drive bikes is their increased efficiency. By delivering power directly to the drivetrain, these ebikes are able to leverage the existing gears and provide a smooth and natural riding experience. This not only results in improved performance but also allows for a longer battery range, making them suitable for long-distance rides.

2.2 Superior Hill Climbing Abilities

Mid drive E-bikes excel in tackling steep terrains and challenging uphill climbs. The central motor placement ensures optimal weight distribution and stability, allowing riders to effortlessly conquer hills that would otherwise be physically demanding on a traditional bicycle. The additional assistance provided by the motor makes uphill riding more accessible to a wider range of cyclists.

2.3 Improved Handling and Maneuverability

The mid drive motor’s positioning near the bike’s center of gravity results in improved handling and maneuverability. The balanced weight distribution between the front and rear wheels enhances stability, making electric mid drive bikes easier to control and navigate through tight corners and crowded urban environments.

electric mid drive bike

About this item
Long Range and Fast Recharge: Cruise for 30+ miles (48+ kilometers) in all-electric mode and reach up to 80-91km (50-55miles) in pedal-assist mode. Fully recharge the 375Wh battery in just 3 hours, ready for your next ride.
Powerful Motor: The premium Bafang 750W brushless motor boosts the bike to a top speed of 20mph (40kph). It’s a high-performance motor you can really depend on.
Pedal-Assist & Throttle Modes: Get some exercise and enjoy your cycling without overdoing it. Five levels of pedal assistance give you the right amount of support as you ride (to cycle without assistance, switch to level 0 or turn off the power). When you don’t want to pedal at all, just twist the throttle for powerful all-electric propulsion.
Front Suspension and Dual Disc Brakes: The durable aluminum alloy frame is complemented by a front suspension fork for a smoother and more comfortable riding experience. Mechanical disc brakes provide stronger, more responsive braking for safe stopping in all weather conditions.
Shimano Speed Gear System: Tackle any terrain with efficiency and ease. You’ll always have the right gear, even if you ride without power assistance.
Unlock Speed: For safety reasons ebike is limited to 20KM/hr, please watch the video to unlock the speed and use caution when riding at full speed.

In conclusion, mid drive ebikes represent a significant advancement in the world of electric bicycles. Their unique design, incorporating a central motor system, provides numerous advantages in terms of efficiency, handling, and range. With their versatile applications for commuting and recreational purposes, these bikes are paving the way for a more sustainable and enjoyable mode of transportation. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further improvements in electric mid drive bikes, making them an even more appealing choice for eco-conscious individuals seeking a greener and more efficient way to get around.

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