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20 inch fat tire electric bike 48V 500W 750W motor

Model: S732
Motor:48V 500W/750W
Battery:48V 10/13AH lithium battery
Tire: 20*4.0 inch
Max speed: 29MPH
Range per charge: (PAS mode) 20-25 miles
Disc Brake: Front and rear disc brake
Display: Multi function LCD3 display
Gear: Shimano 7 speed
Front Fork: Suspension Aluminium Alloy Front Fork

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20″ Fat Wheel Electric Bike | 48V 500W / 750W Motor

Welcome to explore our range of 20″ fat wheel e-bikes with high-performance 48V 500W or 750W motors for an unprecedented riding experience. Whether you are looking for speed, conquering challenges, or simply enjoying nature, our e-bikes will be your ideal companion. Let’s explore the exciting world of electric cycling together.

fat tire electric bike

POWERFUL POWER: Whether you choose a 500W or 750W motor, the power helps you conquer all types of terrain and hills. Compatible with electrical control system ,This electric bike has up to 500W high speed Motor which provides strong power. Switching gears on different roads makes riding easier and saving energy. electric and pedal assist modes. It can run easily in many different circumstances.

electric bike motor

The practical and long-term benefits of having a waterproof LCD display on your e-bike are countless. It can show the battery gauge, distance, motor power and so on.This section explores all of them, from riding in diverse weather conditions to ease of maintenance.
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COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: Humanized riding posture and comfortable seat make both urban and natural riding fun.

Jump on and experience the world like never before with our 20″ Fat Wheel Electric Bike | 48V 500W / 750W Motor – where power, design, and convenience converge. Do not wait too long! The path of exhilarating bike trips is only a click away.

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