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Electric Fat Bike/S7 Series/

fat tyre ebike 20 inch 36V 250W 350W motor

Model: S731
Motor:36V 250W
Battery: 36V 13AH
Tire: 20*4.0 inch
Max speed: 25MPH
Range per charge: (PAS mode) 20-25 miles
Disc Brake: Front and rear disc brake
Display: Multi function LCD3 display
Gear: Shimano 7 speed
Front Fork: Suspension Aluminium Alloy Front Fork


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Fat Tyre Ebike S731- The Ultimate Electric Bike for Any Terrain

Discover the thrill of riding with our robust 20-inch 36V 250W/350W motor fat tyre ebike, Model S731. A perfect blend of power and longevity, it’s powered by a 36V 250W motor and sustains with a 36V 13AH battery, ensuring you experience the exceptional performance on every ride.

Get ready to maneuver across different terrains effortlessly with its 20*4.0 inch fat tyres offering improved stability and comfort. The maximum speed of 25 MPH and a range of 20-25 miles per charge in PAS mode combine to enable a seamless riding experience.

Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, this ebike ensures the highest safety standards on every journey. The multi-function LCD3 display adds to its modern features by providing essential information at your fingertips.

Enhanced with Shimano 7-speed gear, this model offers smooth and efficient gear transitions on any road condition. Additionally, the Suspension Aluminium Alloy Front Fork ensures reduced shocks and adds to your comfort level.

Embrace the invigorating outdoor experience with the S731 model fat tyre ebike and make every ride an adventure!

fat tyre ebike
1. High-performance fat tyre ebike: The S731 e-bike features a powerful 36V 250W motor and a high-capacity 13AH battery, providing a smooth and efficient ride on any terrain.
2. Enhanced stability and traction: With its fat tyre design, this ebike offers superior grip and stability, allowing riders to confidently navigate through various road conditions, including sand, snow, and rough terrain.
3. Long-lasting battery life: The 13AH battery provides an impressive range, allowing users to enjoy longer rides without the worry of running out of power. Experience the freedom of extended adventures on a single charge.
4. Premium quality materials: Crafted with durable and high-quality components, the S731 e bike ensures reliable performance and longevity. 

Whether city commuting or mountain exploring, the S731 offers an unmatched riding experience. With wide fat tires for balance on any terrain and quality brakes and suspension, enjoy a confident ride.

In addition to its outstanding performance and features, the S731 also boasts a stylish exterior design. With its modern styling and streamlined design, this e bike will make you the center of attention on the street as you ride.
If you want to buy Fat Tyre S731 Electric Bike, check out the details on our website now! We offer comprehensive product descriptions and technical specifications, as well as buying guides.


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