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The development history of electric bikes

The development history of electric bikes.

An electric bicycle refers to a personal vehicle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source and is equipped with a motor, a controller, an ebike battery, a handlebar and other operating components and a display instrument system on the basis of an ordinary bicycle.

The history of the development of electric bicycles in China is generally recognized in the industry as three stages of development: the initial stage of electric bicycles, the stage of initial large-scale production, and the stage of over-speed development.

Primary stage:

 The early experimental production stage of electric bicycles, in terms of time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly to explore the key technologies of the four major parts of electric bicycles, the motor, battery, charger and controller.

The initial stage of large-scale production:

 With breakthroughs in key technologies and the continuous improvement of the performance of electric bicycles, electric bicycles have become a substitute for motorcycles and bicycles. Its speed, environmental protection, convenience and cheapness have also inspired Market demand for electric bicycles. In the ever-increasing market demand, companies that have previously developed and produced them have risen rapidly, and some new companies have also begun to enter. Their investment in electric bicycles has also been increasing, which has led to rapid expansion of production capacity.

Over-speed development stage:

 From 2005 to the present, this stage is the over-speed development stage of China’s electric bicycles, which is dubbed the “blowout stage” by the industry. During this period of time, as the fierce competition among enterprises has greatly stimulated technological progress and the diffusion of new technologies, the technological level of the whole industry has been greatly improved, the battery life and capacity have increased by 35%, and the motor has changed from a single brush to a brush. Gear motors have developed into the mainstream of brushless high-efficiency motors, with their lifespan increased by 5 times, efficiency increased by nearly 30%, and climbing and load capacity increased by about 3.5 times. While the performance has been improved, the manufacturing cost has also been drastically reduced, and the price power has dropped to 21%; in the controller system and the charging system, the technical level has also been drastically improved. 

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