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Four hot sale electric bike conversion kits

Four hot sale electric bike conversion kits

Compared with electric bike, most of people are going to buy one of set electric bike conversion kits to modify their normal bike. Because someone would think electric bike conversion kits maybe cheaper than an electric bike. Generally, this idea is easy to appear in those people who have a strong hands-on ability and know the work principles of electric bike. If you have friend know how to assemble electric bike, you also can try to buy one set of electric bike conversion kit to modify your bike. And here is going to show you 4 set different power electric bike conversion kits.

First of all,  let me introduce 250w electric bike conversion kits from Shuangye. Obviously, It means that the first type electric bike conversion kits motor power is 250 watt. Some kits equipped with battery, but some are not. Fortunately, this kit equipped with a bottle battery, which you can choose the battery capacity depend on your need, like 36v 8ah, 36v 10ah or 48v 13ah. If you just living on flat areas and do not have toot much requirement for speed. Maybe the 250 watt motor is suitable for you, it can give you enough power for commuting or short-distance traveling. And there are a pair of brake lever, 3W front light, controller with controller box, big LCD screen display and so on.

And what about 350w electric bike conversion kits? What are the different from 250w electric bike conversion kits? In fact, 350 watt kits just one thing different from 250 watt kits. The motor power is 350 watt, so this electric bike conversion kits are suitable for those want to higher than 250 watt motor kits. The motor power higher, the max speed larger. 250 watt motor power max speed is 25km/h, 350 watt max speed is 30km/h. And the other components are the same of 250 watt electric bike conversion kits. If you are going to buy an electric bike conversion kit to modify your bike for short traveling, 250 watt kits and 350 watt kits are suitable for you.

If you want to higher motor power kits than 350 watt motor power, here are 500 watt electric bike conversion kits for you. A 500 watt motor may be suitable for those who living in hilly areas and need to pass rugged district. So your bike max speed can get up to 35km/h, but the premise is your district and countries legals allow this speed on the road. And it also equipped with 48v battery and LCD screen display. The display can show your bike real-time motor power, remaining battery, real time speed and so on. There are a pair of brake lever, controller with a box, thumb to, charger, 1:1 pedal assistance and other small components.

Here are also have another 500 watt electric bike conversion kits. All of components of this kit is quick release design. This kit design for weak hands-on ability people, each interface have corresponding color, then you can connect them according to their color. And this motor of kit is smaller, but this kits do not equipped with battery. So you need to separate to buy a battery, maybe this it a good news. As we all know battery transport is difficult, because of the battery belong to dangerous goods. You can choose buy a battery at your living area or country, you also can buy battery from us. This kits equipped with a motor with wheel, a controller with box, a LCD screen display, a 3W LED front light, a pair of brake lever and other components. The two different 500 watt electric bike conversion kits, which one you like?

But sometime, someone prefer for buy 1000 watt electric bike conversion kits,  rather than 500 watt electric bike kits. And here you can find 1000 watt electric bike conversion kits that you want. This kits equipped with 1000 watt motor with wheel, 48v battery, a pair of brake lever, controller with box, charger, thumb throttle, 1:1 pedal assistance, LCD screen display and other small components. All these components can help your bike become to an electric bike. And 1000 watt motor electric bike max speed can get up to 40km/h – 45km/h. High power motor provides you faster speed. The 1000 watt electric bike conversion kits is waterproof, you can ride in wet condition. If you like high power, this is a good choice for you.

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