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Which 1000 watt electric bikes better for you

Which 1000 watt electric bikes better for you

With the electric bike market developing, most of people want to buy more power bike, like 1000 watt electric bikes. The bike power higher, the speed faster, the travel time shorter. And some districts and countries allow high power electric bike on the street, but if your country or district limit the electric bike max speed that means the bike can not use high power motor. So if you are going to buy 1000 watt electric bikes, you need to check out your district or country legal. If it is allowed, here will show you two 1000 watt electric bikes information, which one you like depend on your needs.

Here are two 1000 watt electric bikes, one is rear hub motor, and the another is dual motor. First of all, let me talk about the rear hub motor 1000 watt electric bikes. Actually, rear motor electric bikes are common in the street and your life. Generally, the bike motor power over 500 watt should be used fat tire wheel to make sure riders security. This 1000 watt electric bikes are shuangye A7AT26, which used 26″ *4.0 inch fat tire for different terrains, you can ride on rugged road, flat road and hilly areas.

For provide you have an excellent riding experience and enough power, this bike adopted 1000 watt hub motor on the rear wheel and 48v triangle battery on the frame. High power need to large capacity battery to support. And the max speed is 45km/h but the charging time is 7-10 hours, which need to take more 2 hours than other battery. Under this bike condition, you can use the bike riding 40km – 60km, maybe from your home to your work place or other destination. 1000 watt electric bikes can help you save more time and more energy, so no more worrying about being late because of transportation tool.

Next, let us talk about the second 1000 watt electric bikes, dual motor electric bikes. We had show you the rear 1000 watt hub motor electric bikes, they just used one motor on the rear wheel, but this 1000 watt electric bikes use one motor on each wheel. Unlike the rear motor 1000 watt electric bikes, dual motor 1000 watt electric bikes both used 500 watt motor on the front wheel and rear wheel. Two motor help to even out the weight distribution of the bike and perform better while you riding on the hill areas and rugged road.

For your riding safety, the bike adopted 26-inch fat tire, and a big digital display screen usually mounted on the center of the handle can show you the real time bike’s information, like real-time motor power, remaining battery, pedal assist level and so on. What about the battery? 48v 18ah large capacity can supply more power to the motor, and this charging time just need 7-10 hours which is the same of rear hub motor 1000 watt electric bikes. Combine with dual motor, this bike can travel up 40-60km and max speed of bike is 40km/h to 45km/h. Whatever short-distance riding or off road riding, it can do.

Which one is better for you? in fact, there are two different 1000 watt electric bikes. especially, the motor of bike. both of two bike is suitable for short-distance traveling and off road riding. Which on is better for you just depend on your favorite and your needs. In general, rear hub motor 1000 watt electric bikes area commoner than dual motor 1000 watt electric bikes. But one thing you need to know that the motor power higher, the bike weight heavier. So 1000 watt electric bikes usually are more suitable for adult male.

If you want to know more information about one of 1000 watt electric bikes, please leave a message below. You can also browse other electric bikes on our Official Website.



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