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Girls electric bike magnesium alloy wheel

Girls electric bike magnesium alloy wheel

As we all know, there are spoke wheels which are most of made from aluminum alloy and integrated wheels which are often made of magnesium alloy. This two different wheel use on the same type of girls electric bike. They just affect the bike appearance but you still can use the bike for commuting and exercising. It also can satisfy your basic needs, what ever long-distant riding or short-distant riding. Though the spoke girls electric bikes are more common on the urban street, magnesium alloy wheels still have someone to choose.

Like Shuangye A5AH26M girls electric bike use magnesium alloy wheel and white color which is more modern and stylish. In order to help you better understand this bike, let me show some information about it below.

Motor power and battery capacity are the the first consideration thing when you want to buy an girls electric bike. This girls electric bike features 36V 250W motor power and mounted on the bike’s rear wheel giving it a sleeker, stealthier look. 36V/10Ah Hidden Lithium-ion Battery in the bike frame, making the bike’s outlook more elegant and beauty. Mixed the battery and motor power, the max speed is 25km/h and charging time is 6-8 hours. Both of them can meet your daily requirements in city.

There are three riding modes, one is E-Bike mode which can travel up to 40km for one single charge, another is Assist Pedal mode can help you travel to 60km. The last one mode is Pedal mode, it means that the girls electric bike can pedal like a normal bike. It is important to solve that problem which is you forget to charge the bike and the battery run out. It can support you pedal bike continue finish your things, maybe the bike would be heavy than the non-electric bike.

Next, bike frame material is also important. It can affect the bike’s using life. So this girls electric bike use aluminum alloy as it bike frame, light weight, high rigidity, strong shock absorption. And this bike maximum loading is 120kg. The biggest feature of girls electric bike is magnesium alloy six spoke wheel which is light weight than aluminum alloy wheel, bright color, stable structure and easy to use. But hop the girls electric bike can over obstetrics easily and handle some rugged road, this bike adopted 26-inch rims and Kenda tires. High quality frame material and tires assist riders have a satisfied and no-sweat cycling experiencing.  

Some detail can show the girls electric bike is better than other electric bike. For riders can know the bike real time operating information, It was installed a LCD digital screen on the center of handlebar to maximize your view comfortable to catch the information what you need. Aluminum alloy suspension front fork, shock sensitive, durable, anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The front fork also equipped with lock or unlock suspension and its change travel is 100mm. Brake system is a main part to make ensure your security, girls electric bike use 160 disc brake system, which can produce more braking force than V-brake.

If you’re interested in magnesium alloy girls electric bike and want to know more detail information, fill your message and questions below. You also can visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.



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