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Delivery food electric pedal assist bike

Delivery food electric pedal assist bike

What does electric pedal assist bike can do? Usually, most people would say it is a great choice to commute or exercise. Someone would say it is the best choice to help you finish some things in nearby ares. Sometime electric pedal bike would be use for delivery food. Therefore,electric pedal assist bike is a great option for those areas where prohibit motorcycle riding. Shuangye have a electric pedal assist bike A5AH26 for delivery food and equipped with a delivery food insulation box. In order to let you know better this electric pedal bike, we will show you some information below.

Actually, this delivery food electric pedal assist bike by an Shuangye A5AH26 electric bike and delivery food insulation box composition. Compared with other electric bikes, it just add more a delivery food insulation box. The box use EPP material which can keep the food warm for 3-4 hours. It means that users have enough time to delivery warm food for farther district. And what is the size of the delivery food insulation box? The height of box is 40 cm, length is 50 cm and width is 39cm, but the inner size of box is smaller than outside. So the  inner height is 34.2 cm, length is 43 cm and width is 32 cm. And it was installed on the rear rack of electric pedal bike.

And what about the electric pedal assist bike performance? The bike adopted 36V 9AH hidden removable lithium-ion battery.  User don’t need move the bike near to the socket charging, just turn the key and take out the battery then move it near to the household outlet charging. This feature would prevent the battery stolen and convenience to charge. The battery can help electric pedal assist bike travel up to 40-80km and charging time is 6-8 hours.  For provide user enough power to delivery food and handle a variety of terrains, the bike use 36V 250W hub brushless motor on the rear wheel, which can reach up to 25km/h max speed.

There are three riding modes of electric pedal assist bike – E-Bike mode, Pedal Assist mode and Pedal mode. E-Bike mode is the easiest way to cycling the electric pedal assist bike, but the battery would run out of quickly. Combined with three modes to cycling the bike is a good choice, it can support the battery wouldn’t run out of quickly. And the Pedal mode is means pedaling the bike without any assistance. This mode can help you pedal bike continue complete delivery food when the battery run out.

Is any way to know the electric pedal assist bike real time information? LCD display system can tell user everything what you want to know about the bike. Like distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, real time motor power, pedal assist level, front light sign, error sign and so on. According to the information, user can change their cycling mode and speed to keep the bike can work longer. The LCD digital display screen mounted on the center of handlebar to maximize your view comfort.

For your safety and comfort, the electric pedal assist bike was used 160 disc brake for front brake and rear brake which braking force is better than V-brake. We also used a LED front light and reflectors on the bike which can make ensure your safety to help you to see the road ahead for you when you riding in a dark environment and get home later after work. A rear rack, mudguard, comfortable saddle and suspension aluminum alloy front fork mounted on the bike. Delivery food insulation box can remove when user don’t need, the bike can be use for other.

If you’re interested in and want to know more detail information about delivery food electric pedal assist bike, leave your message below. You also can visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.



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