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How does electric hybrid bike works?

How does electric hybrid bike works?

We’re nearly two decades into the 21st century, but the surge of electric bikes never stop.

If you never used the electric hybrid bike, maybe you will ask what is an electric hybrid bike. Electric hybrid bike is a bike that has an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. It is just an improved variety of the normal bike. With the help of its component parts, including the battery and motor, an electric hybrid bike can reduce the energy it takes for a cyclist to ride.The power more, the exertion less. Compared with normal bike, what differences of electric hybrid bike? Riders of electric hybrid bike can travel longer, cover greater distances and climb steep hills with less effort.

After you know the features of electric hybrid bike, maybe you would wonder how does an electric hybrid bike works? Next we are going to talk about the three main parts of electric hybrid bike.


What is electric hybrid bike’s motor? The standard answer is an electric motor takes electrical energy stored in the battery and converts it into mechanical energy that propels the wheel. There are three kinds of motors: front hub, rear hub and mid-drive.

Front hub motors pull the electric hybrid bike forward. Front hub motors are great for electric bikes with multiple gears, because they don’t interfere with the bicycle’s drivetrain. And front electric bike hub motor helps spread the weight forward and help balance out the weight of electric hybrid bike better.

Rear hub motors push the bike forward, which often feels more natural to those accustomed to riding conventional bikes, since they also generate power at the rear wheel using a chain and gears.Rear hub motor electric hybrid bikes not only fit beginners and old pros.  Compared with front hub motor, rear hub motor wide range of applications and more popular, so most of electric hybrid bikes used rear hub motor.

Mid-drive motors are less common, but they are growing in popularity. Instead of being on the front or rear wheels, the motor placed on the center of bike. Mid-drive motors deliver power directly to the electric hybrid bike drivetrain, they deliver a more balanced, natural riding experience. However, its cost also higher than hub motor.


Battery is the most essential part of electric hybrid bike. It is the power source for the entire bike, and the battery capacity decide how far the cyclist can ride.

The battery of an electric bike comes in different varieties too; however, the most common battery is a lithium-ion battery. This type of rechargeable battery is lighter, more compact and more efficient that other types. So electric bike manufacturers began using them, so is Shuangye. Shuangye has professional battery team, each battery adopted 18650 lithium-ion cells and a variety of battery models for you choosing. Generally, electric hybrid bike the maximum travel distance would increase the more you pedal, the battery power can using longer, if you motor work more, you need to based on the remaining battery on the LCD display to recharge your bike battery.

Besides the battery’s quality, sometime the aesthetics of battery is also attention by many people. If you are that one who considering the appearance before buy an electric hybrid bike. Shuangye A6AH26 mountain electric bike and A5AH26 city electric bike would fit you, both  used removable hidden battery.


The drivetrain is a component unique to electric hybrid bike. A drivetrain is a system of smaller parts that work to provide torque and manual power to turn the wheels of the bike. This system is essential for electric hybrid bike that can be pedaled like a normal bike and have pedal-to-go, power assisted pedaling. The drivetrain also gives the rider the opportunity to shift gears. Like Shuangye, each bike with five pedal assist level for different biking situation.

In fact, electric hybrid bike is like normal bike, but a unique difference is that they operate on three basic components. For example, the battery, the drivetrain and the electric motor. All these components work together to generate the power needed to move the electric hybrid bike without pedaling. So, you can enjoy a excellent cycling experience without pedaling.

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