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Front electric bike hub motor VS Rear electric bike hub motor

Front electric bike hub motor VS Rear electric bike hub motor

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular forms of two-wheeled electric transportation for both commuting and pleasure riding. Hub motors, which place the electric motor in the center of a bike wheel, are certainly the most common form of electric bike motors. There are two most common electric bike hub motor styles used in today’s electric bikes are front motor and rear motor. What is the difference? Which one is best for your needs?

Front Motor

Generally speaking, if you want to try to spread the weight of your electric bike out as much as possible, front to back. You don’t want to have all the weight located in one area. So most batteries are mounted in the middle or rear of an electric bike, meaning that a front electric bike hub motor helps spread the weight forward and can improve weight distribution of your electric bike. Because more weight is usually focused on the rear wheel, front electric bike hub motor can help balance out the weight better.

Traction is another important consideration. Because there is already very little weight on the front wheel of the electric bike, compared to the rear, a front hub motor has less traction. Another advantage of front hub motors is that they are easier to install than rear hub motors. A front hub motor leaves the rear wheel unadulterated for easier tube and tire changes.

Due to the lower weight on the front wheel of a bike means less traction though, and so more powerful front electric bike hub motor power can sometimes cause burnouts when pegging the throttle. Also, front forks aren’t as robust as rear dropouts, and thus a powerful front hub motor power and weight can even damage the fork over time, though this can be mitigated by installing. Strong electric bike hub motors of 750 W or more are usually best kept in the rear of a bike.

Rear Motor

Compared with front electric bike hub motor, rear hub motor has the advantages of better traction and stronger frame mounting, provides smoother acceleration and can appear stealthier. Usually, most of your body weight is supported by the rear wheel of the bike, which is why a rear hub motor will get much more traction than a front hub motor. If you want to installed more powerful electric bike hub motor, it is more appropriate for a rear installation because the higher power can be better handled by stronger traction in the rear of the bike. And many small electric bike hub motor would nearly disappear behind the gears of a rear wheel, and it often covered by the disc as well. This gives the bike an extra stealthy look.

But if you want to replace the rim of the wheel and tire, it would be a bit of difficult to do when your bike is used electric bike hub motor. Because there are flywheel, derailleur and rear chain cog-set.

You will find that the same hub motors are offered in both front and rear hub motor, but both have a lot of unique merits and demerits, so choosing the right motor for you will largely depend on your requirements and which advantages seem more useful to your needs. Shuangye electric bike as 12 years electric bike manufacturer for offer you different types of electric bike to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in this front motor electric bikes or rear motor electric bikes, and want to more detail information, don’t forget to leave your massage below. You can also visit our Official Website to browse more electric bikes.



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