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How long can an electric bike controller last: how to test

How long can an electric bike controller last: how to test

When buying an electric bicycle, many people are just considering the price of the bicycle and the bicycle they want. But it is also a good idea to pay attention to the continuous replacement needs of individual components, especially electrical components.

Like any electronic component, your electric bike controller is one of the first components that can be damaged. Therefore, you should consider the service life of the electric bike controller and the cost of purchasing a new controller.

On average, electric bike controllers can last at least 3-4 years, just like batteries and motors. You can use a multimeter to test the voltage across the terminal to determine whether the controller needs to be replaced.

The electric bicycle controller is a device that converts human power into electric bicycle electric energy. The electric motor then converts this energy into mechanical motion to drive the wheels of the bicycle. The device may malfunction and stop working, so it’s important to know how to test your controller to prevent getting stuck in a place where there are no vehicles!

What is the function of the controller on the electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle controller is a device that allows electric bicycles to operate. It achieves this by coordinating all aspects of the electric bicycle, including the power from the battery pack, the speed control of the electric bicycle, and the rider’s throttle input.

The most common type of electric bicycle controller is called a “speed circuit”, which uses a potentiometer as a feedback device to adjust the voltage levels of different parts of the circuit based on how hard you pedal or how fast you want the vehicle to travel.

If you want to know, potentiometers are special resistors that produce different currents. They are used in electric bicycle controllers because they can be adjusted to control the voltage level.

The controller wiring is connected to the two main parts of the electric bicycle.

Computer display

The computer display, usually an LCD screen, is the main interface between the electric bike controller and the rider. It will convey the level of assistance you choose or the speed of the electric bike.

The display usually includes a menu that allows the rider to easily navigate through different options, such as selecting a power mode, setting a digital speed reading in kilometers per hour or miles per hour, and even checking if there is enough battery life to charge before it is needed.

electric bike controller

Electronic switch

These switches turn on the motor and turn off again. There are generally two types of switches:

-The throttle is the handle on the handlebar, and the rider can turn the motor power on and off by twisting it (sometimes it is a button you press with your thumb).

-Pedal assist sensor, which can be one of two types-cadence or torque sensing. When you step on, as long as your foot accelerates or decelerates again with different levels of assistance, these will work, depending on the best feeling of each person’s personal riding habits.

These switches make it easier for you to use the electric bike instead of having to press the start button every time before continuing to ride. You will know in advance how these options are set, so they always feel natural, without being confused about whether there is sufficient battery life.

How long does the electric bicycle controller work?

The electric bicycle controller box should last two to five years (average 3-4 years).

When it comes to e-bike controllers and their service life, there are several things that can help determine their service life.

How often do you ride

First of all, it largely depends on how often you ride your bike. If you are an occasional rider, your controller can be used for many years. However, if you are a daily rider or like to travel, it may only last for a year or two.

Riding and storage conditions

Riding and storage conditions will also affect its duration. High temperatures, freezing temperatures, humidity, flying debris (such as sand and mud), and extreme cycling (such as electric mountain bike riding) will all affect the working time of your components (including the controller).

It is best to store your electric bicycle in a dry, cool place with an average of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it clean. This will benefit all electrical components that interact with each other

Cost and quality

In addition, cost is also an important factor. You will get better quality and more powerful controllers at a higher price. If there are a lot of mountains involved and require a stronger pedaling force than usual, it might make sense to spend $300 or more on a new controller because you can expect it to last longer.

Watch out for faults in the controller. These faults are marked by flashing lights or clicks from inside the motor unit-these may indicate a problem with the system. In this case, before considering purchasing a new product, first take advantage of any remaining warranty provided by most companies.

If it is out of warranty, please continue to test your controller before purchasing a new controller.

How to test my controller and monitor

The electric bike controller helps power your electric bike by converting energy from the battery into kinetic energy. It is important that you know how to test and maintain your electric bike controller so that it can last for many years.

To test your controller to determine if it is working properly, you need to measure the voltage between the terminals. If you do not have a multimeter, or you are not familiar with how to use a multimeter, please find someone familiar with it and ask them for help.

electric bike controller

Electric bicycle controller wiring diagram

Step 1: Test the Hall sensor
First, test the Hall sensor. You can do this by unplugging the motor wires from the terminals of the controller and then plugging them back in to see if it is turned on. If they reopen, go to step 2.

Step 2: Test the throttle sensor
Next, test whether your throttle sensor is working properly by connecting a wire between the signal wire of the throttle connector and the ground wire (or black and red). This should cause your electric bicycle to start moving forward when you turn or squeeze the handlebars; if not, go to step three or consult a bicycle electrician for help troubleshooting.

Checking all these sensors before using your electric bike will ensure that everything is wired correctly so that there will be no problems in the future. It can also prevent other damages, because now you can know the cause of the failure before it happens!

Step 3: How to test the battery and motor
Testing the battery is also important because it provides power to the controller. Therefore, if your controller does not work, it may be due to a damaged battery (or uncharged).

So, first of all, make sure that your battery is charged.

Second, you need to disconnect the power connector to test it for safety.

Third, once disconnected from the bicycle controller, you can place the probes of the voltmeter on both sides of the battery and check the voltage reading; if you get an electric shock or sparks, do not touch the battery!

If there is no problem with this step, continue to test whether your motor is working properly. This can be done by connecting a probe end of a multimeter (or digital meter) to each red/black wire on the throttle connector and applying pressure to trigger the throttle sensor at the same time.

If nothing happens when you squeeze the handle, then something needs to be fixed!

The price of the new controller

If you test your controller and find that you need a new controller, you will need to compare prices and features. The average cost of a quality product with all the features you want and a beautiful LCD display is between US$200 and US$500.

However, you can get a cheaper controller (approximately US$20-60) with few settings and options. The advantage of buying a cheaper product is that it can reduce the number of connections that need to be monitored, thereby reducing the chance of error. But like any cheap part, it may not last that long. Getting cheap means you may not have all the features you need (for example, there are fewer pedal assist levels and therefore less speed assistance).

If you need a controller with a lot of settings that require more monitoring, the cost can be much higher. For most people who just use electric bicycles to commute or run errands in the city, a controller for $200-300 is usually sufficient.

However, in some cases, if it involves hills that require a stronger pedaling force than usual, it may make sense to spend $300 or more on a new controller.

Finally, make sure that the controller has all the functions you want before buying. You also need to consider battery voltage and motor power so that the controller can work with your existing equipment.

Are you a DIY electric bicycle manufacturer? You can also purchase a new controller in the conversion kit. Moreover, if you want to convert your bicycle into an electric bicycle, it is recommended that you use the controller that comes with the conversion kit so that all components can work well together.

List of the best electric bike controllers that are worth the money
Take a look at some of the best options for electric bike controllers, some are cheaper than others. Please note that the more expensive monitors do not always come with displays, or if they do, they may not be good LCD monitors. In addition, lower voltage controllers are usually cheaper, but this means you won’t be able to get as much speed and power from them.

In general, for electric bicycles with higher wattage motors and higher voltage batteries, the price of the controller will be higher. Therefore, please make sure you buy a bike that is suitable for your electric bike.

Finally, if you buy the entire conversion kit to build your own electric bike, or you want better quality components, the cost will increase.

How to program my electric bike controller

The programming of the electric controller depends on the brand, but the general idea is to turn it on and change it by turning the mode switch until the desired setting is found.

If you buy a new controller because your old controller no longer works, you need to do some programming unless you want to keep the manufacturer’s default settings.

Programming with default settings

This will depend on whether your e-bike controller uses simple buttons or has LED lights to indicate battery charging status and power source selection. If you are not sure how to do this, you should follow the manufacturer’s user manual.

For example, if you are using an electric bicycle with Shimano components, wait 10 seconds after turning on the controller, and then press and release the handle while simultaneously pressing the two buttons (thumbs) of the programming port; Done Let go afterwards.

Program new settings

If you don’t want to use the default settings, you can follow the general steps below to reprogram your controller (again, they may vary depending on the controller brand):

-Turn on your electric bike.

– Wait 5 seconds and press and hold the handlebar button with two thumbs down, then release. This is called the programming mode.

– Press the right thumb to increase the power or the left thumb to decrease the power (the LED light will tell you which direction). Repeat this operation until you are satisfied with the new settings. You can also press one of the buttons after a delay in programming mode to set it to the default speed instead of using other settings; let it go when you are done.

– To resume normal use without changing anything else, you can usually turn off the controller and wait five seconds or more before turning it on again.

electric bike controllerIn conclusion

If you take care of them and follow the instructions, the electric bike controller should be usable for many years. However, its duration also depends on how often you ride, the conditions of the ride, and whether you take good care of your electric bike.

To help maintain its shape, it is a good idea to test your controller occasionally to make sure it provides maximum output. This will prevent you from being trapped away from home in the event of a sudden interruption.

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