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How to solve the cycling injury during riding

How to solve the cycling injury during riding?

cycling injury

Cycling is a very repetitive sport, and long-term and high-intensity riding training will increase the risk of athletes’ injuries. Just as car maintenance can prolong the service life of a car, give you 5 tips can not only improve your riding level, but also reduce the risk of injury and prolong your sports career.

Many cyclist will meet various cycling injuries during ride a bike, however they don’t know how to solve the cycling injury during riding. So, here is five steps for you.

1. Adjust the height of the bike seat

If the bike seat cushion is adjusted too high, the leg stretches out too straight when the foot is in the 6 o’clock position, and it is completely tight, which will cause too much tension on the knee joint. When the bike seat is adjusted too short, the knee joint will bend very tightly when the foot is in the 12 o’clock position, which will increase the pressure on the knee joint. Both of these conditions can cause damage to the knee joint.

Adjust the bike seat to a suitable height. When the foot is stepped on, the extension angle of the leg should be maintained at about 170°. Do not deliberately pedal hard, use the natural fall of the weight to exert force. If you still don’t understand, you can refer to this article

Saddle height guide: How to set your saddle height?

cycling injury

2. Pedal frequency

Some riders have good physical strength, especially climbing hills during riding. In order to reflect the speed and physical fitness, in order to fly faster than others, they make their best to pedal crazy, and they don’t care about the frequency of pedaling at all. After all, the strength of the knee joint is limited, and too much power output has a great impact on the knee joint. Severe knee injuries are generally those with better physical strength and longer riding time.

When riding, try to use the pinion gear ratio to increase the pedaling frequency. Don’t use the gear ratio to be too heavy. Use brisk pedaling. Start riding with light teeth, exerting force on both legs evenly and not too hard.
cycling injury

3. The angle of pedaling

To avoid riding the inner or outer eighth of the thigh, many riders are accustomed to riding the inner or outer eight. It seems sparse and common, but it has a great impact on riding, which can easily cause unnatural friction of the knee joint and knee joint. The principle is very similar to that of a bearing. When the bearing keeps running horizontally, it can reach the best operating condition, but if the inner diameter or outer diameter is offset, it will wear out over time.

The correct riding posture is that the pedaling action is completely maintained on a vertical plane. Using self-locking pedals will help you solve this problem very well.

If you don’t know how to do correct riding posture, you can refer to this article

The correct riding posture can make you ride longer

cycling injury

4. Frequent riding

Any part will wear out after a long time, and the human organs are also the same. Every day we walk on the knee joints to a certain extent. General wear and tear: When we are resting or sleeping, we secrete a lubricant-like fluid (synovial fluid) inside the knee joint, which can repair the knee joint itself, but the wear is too serious, and the body’s self-repair system cannot keep up with the speed of wear. , Naturally there will be problems.

Ride in an appropriate amount, step by step, combine your own strength to ride, do not blindly increase the riding distance, keep the rest time of the knee joint from time to time, and gradually increase the endurance and strength of the knee joint.

5. Riding environment

In normal riding, the knee generally does not need any protection, and will not get rheumatism, because the knee joint is in constant motion and will naturally generate heat.

But riding a bicycle when it rains is definitely a devastation to the knees, and any knee joints can’t withstand the rain and wind, because the knee joints are in the front position and are directly exposed to the wind and rain.

When the weather is cold, it is best to wear knee pads and reduce riding on rainy days. If you have a trauma around your knee, try to wait until you recover before riding! Try to minimize the chance of riding in the rain. If you want to ride, please protect your knee joints first.

5 tips to avoid cycling injuries

1. Before training
Stretching before training can help reduce the problem of excessive stiffness in the muscles and joints at the beginning of the ride. Perform dynamic stretching for 5-10 minutes, and open hip and lumbar joints through cross-leg stretching and scorpion stretching.

2. During training
Control the cadence below 90 rpm to reduce the pressure on the knee, especially the patellofemoral joint. Switching to a low gear ratio for high-intensity training can bring a greater improvement, but at the same time it also increases the risk of injury.

3. After finishing the training
Use foam rollers to relax muscles and reduce muscle soreness. Especially the relaxation of the iliotibial band, quadriceps and piriformis (deep muscles) can make you recover faster.

4. Check the bike
After assembling the bicycle, always make sure that the height of the seat and the distance between the handlebars match your comfortable height. If you have ever fallen into a car, you must check the various parts of the bicycle before training.

5. Check the lock pedal
Tighten the screws and bolt splints, because after a long period of riding, the screws will loosen, causing the splint to shift. If the splint shifts too far forward or too far behind, it will directly increase the pressure on the knee when pedaling, thereby increasing the risk of injury. When you adjust the splint to the ideal position, make a mark so that you can quickly adjust it back when the splint is offset.

Finally, remind everyone to ride in moderation and don’t overdo it, what’s more, avoid long or uninterrupted riding and you should always keep the rest time of the knee joint

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