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Magnesium Alloy Integrated Wheel Mountain Batteries Bicycle

Magnesium Alloy Integrated Wheel Mountain Batteries Bicycle

Do you like magnesium alloy integrated wheel mountain batteries bicycle? Maybe someone would say of course, but someone think it not as good as spoke wheel mountain batteries bicycle. Although the spoke wheel mountain batteries bicycles occupied a majority of market, Shuangye electric bike launch an magnesium alloy integrated wheels for meet our customer requirements. 6 spokes integrated wheel and 3 spokes integrated wheel you can find in the magnesium alloy integrated wheel mountain batteries bicycle. And now we would like to recommend an magnesium alloy 3 spokes integrated wheel mountain batteries bicycle – Shuangye A6AB26M.

In Shuangye, integrated wheels often use magnesium alloy and spoke wheels use aluminum alloy rims and spokes. In that condition, magnesium alloy integrated wheels lighter than aluminum alloy spoke wheels. Super lightweight, more rigid, higher speeds become one of its impressions when people talk about magnesium alloy integrated wheel. Sometime, users will choose integrated wheels because of higher amounts of horsepower and torque with relative ease. Except these, wheel design maybe is one of reasons to promote customers to buy. Cool and different from spoke wheels mountain batteries bicycle’s integrated wheel would become a special scenery one on the streets.

What about the battery and motor perform of integrated wheel mountain batteries bicycle? How long does the battery lasting? How much speed can the motor reach? I think these questions should be most of people considering before want to buy mountain batteries bicycle. But please don not worry if you want to buy this batteries bicycle, it use 36V 10AH bottle battery mounted on the down tube of frame and 36V 250W or 36V 350W rear hub motor. For your convenience and requirements, the battery support removable that you can move it out of frame, and then charging near the outlet at home.

The battery can support you ride 40-80km for one single charge, and you can according to your needs combine with 3 riding modes and pedal assist level. If you installed 250W motor on the bicycle, the max speed would be 25km/h and 35lm/h with 350W motor. The motor power more high, the max speed are so.  


What material is the bicycle frame made of? In order to offer high quality bicycle, it used aluminum alloy to make the frame of mountain batteries bicycle. Therefore, the bicycle more light, more durable and more rust resistance. The batteries bicycle was equipped with a pair of aluminum alloy pedal and suspension front fork. And the front fork have 100mm change travel with lock out. All of them to make the bicycle more ruggedness. It also equipped with 160 mechancial disc brake on front and rear wheel.

The mountain batteries bicycle was also equipped with display system with a LCD digital screen. Electric capacitor induction, real time motor power, real-time riding speed, total trip distance, PAS level and cruise function, front light display sign, motor operating temperature on the LCD. Adjust riding speed and time with two working modes according to those LCD display real time information to adapt you long-time riding or commuter distance. And it mounted on the center of handlebar and maximize your view comfort.

If you are interested in this magnesium alloy integrated wheel mountain batteries bicycle, you can leave a message below. Or visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.



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