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Maintenance methods of electric motor for bicycle

Maintenance methods of electric motor for bicycle

electric motor for bicycle

There are four major parts of an electric bicycle: motor, battery, controller, and charger. They have always been regarded as the core components of the vitality and vitality of electric bicycles, and their importance is obvious.

Among them, the motor is the power converter of an electric bicycle, which converts battery electric energy into mechanical energy and drives the rotation of electric wheels, which is equivalent to the engine of a car. You must take good care of the motor when you are riding, so that your car can better transport you. Today, I will tell you about the maintenance and precautions of the electric motor for bicycle!

electric motor for bicycle

Precautions for use

1. All circuits and electrical connections of electric motor for bicycles are designed and produced under the guidance of professionals. Users must not modify them, otherwise failures and accidents (including serious consequences such as fire and traffic accidents) may occur.

2. When using in rainy days, do not let the motor drive in deep water, let alone allow the water surface to exceed the position of the rear wheel center axis; during your use, pay attention to check the fastening status of the motor and the rear flat fork, if you find that the nut is loose, fasten in time or go to store to check and deal with it.

3. If the motor is hot (over 90°C), smoking, peculiar smell, abnormal noise or other abnormalities, stop the operation immediately and send it to a specialty store for treatment. Do not disassemble the motor by yourself.

4. Avoid driving electric bicycles under overloading, insufficient tire pressure, or on long and steep slopes, otherwise the motor may be burnt.

5. The electric wheel hub should not be subjected to violent impacts, and the electric bicycle should not be forced to start when it is blocked. When the electric bicycle cannot be started due to obstruction, do not start repeatedly, and start the motor after removing the cause of the obstruction of the electric bicycle.

6. For those equipped with chain motors, remember to always add lubricating oil to the chain. This can not only reduce the wear of the transmission parts, extend their life, but also reduce the transmission noise.

electric motor for bicycle

Maintenance rules

1. When you are using the electric bicycle, you generally do not need to maintain and maintain the internal parts of the motor. You only need to pay attention to check the status of the fasteners of the electric wheel hub installed on the rear fork. If you find any loose nuts, you should promptly Tighten the nut or ask a professional to check and deal with it.

2. When the motor stops running, remove the dust and sludge from the motor in time, keep the motor clean to prevent oil and water from entering the motor, and do not spray directly with water when cleaning.

3. Check whether the lead wire of the motor is scratched and whether there is abnormal noise when the motor is running. If necessary, send it to a store for treatment, and ask a professional to check and deal with it.

4. If there is a chain motor, the chain should be filled with lubricating oil regularly.

electric motor for bicycle

In summary, we must take good care of the electric motor for bicycle, so that the electric bicycle can last longer.

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