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Newdesignelectricbike with500w/750w-Shuangyeebike


New design electric bike with 500w/750w

New design electric bike with 500w/750w

In order to most of cyclists needs, Shuangye design a new electric bike with higher motor power. It can meet those who like to buy a 500w or 750w new electric bike. Why people want to higher power bike? There are two main reasons. One is can provide faster riding speed and higher max speed when cycling, another is can ride on hilly areas and mountain ways. But each country and district has different legal for the motor power of electric bike. So you need to ensure the legal before buy this high power new electric bike. The post will introduce this new electric bike for you.

High performance motor

This new electric bike was designed based on Shuangye A6AH26. Most of electric bike use 250w or 350w rear hub motor, but this bike use 48v 500w/750w rear hub brushless motor, which easily assist cyclist travel 35km/h-40km/h max speed. Faster speed give more exciting riding journey. Compared with riding on the city street 250w/350w electric bike, this bike more suitable for off road riding or long-distant riding. High power motor can make you not fear getting too hot and sweaty each cycling, you can ride with your friends as much as you like.

Removable battery

The 48V 8AH/10AH/13AH hidden lithium-ion battery was installed in the down tube of new electric bike frame which is also the one of highlights of bike. It will be as a super supply power for bike to keep the bike can travel up to 40-80 km each full charging. And its charging time just needs 5-7 hours. Cyclists also can take out the battery into house to charge or prevent be steal, because of remove function.

Big screen display

LCD digital big screen display was equipped with this new electric bike, and the display not only can show you the real time information when cycling, but also do the best to maximize your view comfort to catch the information what you want. And the intelligent controller system and large format LCD screen display system make controlling the bike more simple. Each cyclist can catch distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, real-time pedal assist level  and error sign. It also features a thumb throttle so no pedaling is required can enjoy a easing and leisure cycling journey.

High quality component

The frame of new electric bike made up 6061 aluminum alloy material. Making the frame of bike more light, corrosion resistance and durability to extend the longevity of bike. And this bike was equipped with a lock and unlock suspension aluminum alloy front fork. In order to provides users enough braking force to respond to various terrain situations, this bike also installed 160 mechanical disc brake system to protect your safety while you biking. And a bright 3W front light for make ensure your night riding and USB charging port to charge your phone.

If you are interested in 500w or 750w new electric bike and want to know more information, please contact us below. More electric bikes, visit our Official Website!



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