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Single speed battery operated bicycle

Single speed battery operated bicycle

In most of battery operated bicycles, derailleur is one of the standard components of battery operated bicycle. Because shifter combined with battery and motor can provide riders faster speed. In general, common battery operated bicycles used 7 speed or 9 speed on the rear derailleur and used 3 speed or single on the front derailleur. But if you just use the bicycle in city or flat road section and not too much demand for speed, the single speed battery operated bicycle would be a good choice. Next showing you some single speed battery operated bicycles, all from Shuangye electric bike.

If you like mountain battery operated bicycle and living in flat areas but just only use it for daily travel not need to go across rugged road section, this classic bottle battery mountain battery operated bicycle A6AB26 adopted single speed can meet your speed need. And this bicycle’s battery and motor can provide you enough power. Aluminum alloy bike frame make the bike more light and durable, and 26-inch wheels can pass a lot of obstacles on the riding road section on the road. This bicycle would be a good helper in your daily life for commuting and traveling.

Portable and 20-inch small wheels foldable battery operated bicycle A1-7 is a great choice for those who have too much space to store battery operated bicycle. Just three steps can finish quick fold. And this bicycle also equipped with single speed like normal bicycle, so it is not used shifter levers just need installed a pair of common brake lever on the handlebar. If your country or district allow throttle on the bicycle, it is easy to use the throttle to activate the motor; if  the throttle was not allowed mounted on the bicycle, don’t worry Shuangye electric bikes used throttle and pedal assist on each models of bicycle as a standard configuration. So you can pedal to activate motor.

Here want to recommend you a single speed urban battery operated bicycle – A3AL24. Lightweight and durable aluminum alloy bike frame, powerful hub brushless motor and lockable hidden battery. This bike is suitable for commuting and leisure riding around the neary place. For you comfortable riding, this bicycle was equipped with a pair of soft handle grip and a comfort saddle. A rear rack can assist you to carry stuffs, and fender make you keep clean while riding go across wet or muddy road. Unlike 26-inch wheel battery operated bicycles, this single bicycle use 24-inch and classic urban bike frame design. Not only fit each height of people to cycling on the street countryside roads, but also its appearance is no difference from ordinary bicycles.

In fact, single speed battery operated bicycle is more suitable for commuting, daily traveling and exercising. And it would be a great choice for those who haven’t too much demand for riding speed.

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