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Electro bike with dual battery and dual motor

Electro bike with dual battery and dual motor

Why do you choose dual battery and motor electro bike, not normal standard electro bike? If you are looking for super large capacity battery and high power motor electro bike, the dual battery and motor electro bike would be you great choice. There are two models of dual batteries and motors bike based on Shuangye A6AH26 model, one is bottle and hidden battery dual motors electro bike, another is rear rack and hidden battery dual motors electro bike. Next show those two bikes information, hopefully it can help you.

Both of those two models of dual battery and motor electro bikes are mountain electric bike style. If you don’t like rear rack battery then this  electro bike, which installed one more bottle battery,  is fit for you. But these two types of batteries are removable 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery. If you want to move them out of the frame, just turn the key and take out to charge at home or near the household outlet. It is convenient and easy handle, and its charging time is 5-7 hours then one full charge can make the bike travel up to 40-60km combined with three riding modes.

Dual motors were installed on the bike’s front and rear wheel, which assist the bike has more balance when riding on the hill areas and rugged road.  So excellent off-road ability become one of the advantages of dual motor. Two small motors help to even out the weight distribution of the electro bike and perform better and cycle more comfortably. A big digital display screen usually mounted on the center of the handle can show you the real time bike’s information, like real-time motor power, remaining battery, pedal assist level and so on.

What about another dual battery and motor electro bike? Unlike the first one electro bike, this bike was equipped with a 36V 10Ah removable and lockable rear rack battery and hidden battery on the down tube of frame. Front and rear wheel both mounted on 250W/350W brushless geared hub motor to offer more high power for the bike and make it more fast and balance. So the bike can travel 40-60km and up to 30km/h max speed. Nature trails and rugged road section will no a big deal during riding.

And this bike has a rear rack to help you carry some stuff. When you use high power motor, it is necessary to installed disc brake system on the bike because of its strong braking force. Actually, this electro bike be used for city and countryside. If you worry about nigh riding, I just said that this dual battery and motor electro bike used 3W front light with USB charging port  and a bell on the bike, which are make ensure for your cycling security. 100mm change travel aluminum alloy suspension front fork for offer you more shock absorption while cycling on rugged road.

However, dual batteries and motors have certain cons. The commonest one is controller easy damage, and then the bike total weight is heaver than normal electro bike due to motor and battery. Whatever dual battery and motor electro bike or common standard electro bike, you can find your like in Shuangye electric bike.

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