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The choice of riding gloves is very knowledgeable

    Gloves look inconspicuous, but they play a great role in riding~ All kinds are silently dedicated, all kinds are indispensable, if you want to understand, please look down!  

The role of gloves

  It can absorb sweat, anti-skid, breathable, and protect the palm and wrist joints. When we are in a high-speed motion state when riding a bicycle, the rider’s control effect on the bicycle depends largely on the skill of the hand. The exquisite workmanship of riding gloves has made a lot of effort on the anti-slip effect. The air permeability depends on the material and size of the glove. The protection of the palm is mainly reflected in the rollover. The rider often touches the ground with the palm first to make the body slowly land. If there is no glove for shock absorption, it is easy to wear the palm and seriously damage the joints when riding. .

   The reason why riding gloves are silently dedicated is mainly because there are not many friends who realize that gloves protect wrist joints. In fact, because the rider adopts a different sitting posture and gripping style from leisure cycling, this puts the wrist joint in an abnormal state of tension for a long time, and its negative impact on nerves and tendons is even lifelong. The special function of riding gloves is to relieve the pressure on the wrist joints to the greatest extent. Comparing it with ordinary gloves when they are laid flat on the back, you will find that its front is not flat but upturned, which is exactly the same as that of the rider. The posture of the grip is consistent.

Choice of gloves

 The long-fingered bicycle gloves are very important equipment for riders who practice cycling in winter.

 1. It has a certain degree of windproof and warmth retention. Especially in colder areas, cold hands are not only painful, but also hand stiffness will have an adverse effect on vehicle handling, especially the slow control of the brakes. So it’s better to keep warm. But at the same time, it is not recommended to use particularly thick cotton gloves. Cycling should be flexible and delicate hand operation. Heavy gloves are not conducive to hand activities, which will increase safety when riding, unless you are In a very cold area.

2. There is a special anti-scratch design on the inside of the finger. Everyone is basically using a dual-control handle such as a hand changer. The glove has a special chemical-proof design on the finger part, which will be very helpful for operation.

3. The palm part is padded. Pads are a necessary design for bicycle gloves. The padding can not only increase comfort, but also prevent slippage. It should be noted here that the thicker the padding is not an appointment. Too thick padding will make the handlebars not very compliant when holding the handlebars.

4. There is a wear-resistant layer on the thumb or the tiger’s mouth. This is the same as the effect of the pad, and the effect will be more obvious when gripping the handlebar or changing the hand.

5. Longer wrist. It still keeps warm. If you are not using a professional winter riding top, or your sleeves are not tight enough, or you don’t want to blow the wind into the sleeves, then the wrist part should be longer.

Next, I will introduce to you one of the hottest gloves in 2021

Using polar fleece fabric
Heating fiber with temperature
Raw materials are selected from new skin-feel fabrics
Warm, light, soft and comfortable
Can better lock the heat and isolate the cold air
The appearance is high-grade, and the cold resistance is better, and it continues to bring warmth

How to choose a good pair of gloves?

1. Of course, good outdoor glove fabrics are made of waterproof and breathable materials. They are waterproof and moisture-permeable. They can always keep the surface and the inside of the glove dry. The fleece material in the folder should also have very good softness, breathability and Warmth-keeping function and anti-pilling treatment, of course, the fabric should also have very good tear resistance.
2. The palm of the glove should be fully lined with non-slip and wear-resistant non-slip rubber grain leather or genuine leather material to increase friction and adhesion. Gloves should stretch freely and be close to the hand so that the fingers can be used freely, which can increase friction and adhesion. The finger bends are made of fabrics, and the ergonomic finger bending design enhances the flexibility of the fingers and also has a breathable function.
3. The wrist of the glove should have an elastic tightening design and use a professional waterproof zipper (gloves with zipper design), and the wrist of the glove should be designed to be lengthened. This not only prevents foreign matter and snow particles from entering the gloves, but also enhances the windproof and warmth performance of the gloves.
4. In order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities, outdoor gloves should be designed with fasteners and lanyards on the bowl to facilitate the removal and wearing of the gloves and reduce the probability of loss of the gloves.


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