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The numbers about China’s fight against COVID-19

The numbers about China’s fCOVID-19ight against COVID-19

Fast response and action

1.Reporting total confirmed cases and new case online within 2 hours per time
2.Testing organization delivers test result with 12 hours
3.Disease control and prevention centers complete epidemiological investigation with 24 hours and track

Two “four ” principles

One is four principles of “EARLY”. China did that early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment. All of these are want to prevent the COVID-19 extend spread to more people and district.

And the other is four principles of “pooling”, about patients, experts, reaources, treatment during the COVID-19 period. Only these we can treat each serious patient.

Two “six ” mean

The first “six” is that 6 revisions of the guideline to prevention and control of the virus, according to epidemic trend.

The second”six” is that Hubei’s 6 neighboring provinces set up joint prevention system to help to contorl virus spread.

Two “seven” about virus prevent results

About novel coronavirus guideline to the diagnosis and treatment have edited 7 revisions.

With 7 weeks, China actions prevent virus spread to hundreds of thousands of people.

The numbers about China what to do during COVID-19 period

  • 8 days spent to identify the pathogen
  • 15 prevention brochures issued, for different groups and public areas
  • 19 provincial-level regions provide one-to-one relief to 16 cities of Hubei
  • More than 12000 patients in mild condition received treatment in makeshift hospitals
  • Number of hospital beds increased to 23000 from the previous 5000 in Wuhan
  • 35000 nucleic acid samples test per day after 3 mobile P3 lab were sent to Wuhan
  • More than 40000 medics sent to Wuhan from every part of the country

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