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Foldable e bike in 14 inch for girl

Foldable e bike in 14 inch for girl

With the awareness of environmental protection, a number of people prefer to choose electric bike as their transportation tool. Especially girl in those people would like to choose foldable e bike to make their life more convenient. So their want to have an electric bike that is a portable foldable e bike around their life.

Shuangye A1-Q foldable e bike with 14 inch wheels, which is make the foldable e bike more small and portable to give girl more convenience life when they want to grocery shopping, go to work or have a class in the university. It is the best transportation tool to save time. You do not waste to much time on way and have much time to do other things or to sleep. If you ride a foldable e bike to have class or go to work, you can fold it up and put it behind the classroom or beside you work place where never block you walk.

foldable e bike (4)The 36V 9Ah lithium-ion battery hide in the frame with locked, and the charge time is 4-6.5 hours which is shorter than other foldable e bike. The foldable e bike has a powerful brushless motor of 36V 250W which gives a boost of up 25km/h which can also turn it into a non-electric bike when the battery run out of electric quantity. So you do not worry if the battery run out of electric quantity how do we do.

The foldable e bike main frame made up 6061 Aluminum frame with rust resistant chain, comfortable saddle, five adjustable speed and 1:1 pedal assistant. With this components, our foldable e bike can give users a comfortable and excellent experience. The foldable e bike have a 1W LED front light and reflector which can see the road ahead for you when you ride in a dark environment, get home later after work or cloudy weather. For you safety, we use 160 disc brake for front brake and rear brake which it better than V-brake. So you do not worry mud road and rainy weather, it can not damage the disc brake which is the disc brake merit.

foldable e bike (3)And the foldable e bike has a LCD pass display, you can know the electric quantity, temperature, velocity, motor power and so on. You can base on the information to adjust your plan. We also have seat quick release, you can adjust the seat post depend on you like and need.

If you want to know more detail about foldable e bike, please contact us freely.


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