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Two model of 20 inch e fat bike

Two model of 20 inch e fat bike

Small wheel e fat bike or big wheel e fat bike, which one would you like? In general, most of men like big wheel e fat bike, but small wheel e fat bike suit more people to enjoy cycle. There are two 20-inch e fat bikes, all from Shuangye electric bike, one is 20-inch small mountain e fat bikeA6AH20F, another is 20-inch foldable e fat bikeA7AM20. These two e fat bikes not only suit cycling on the snow and beach, but also it is a great choice in urban for commuting and short-distance travel.

Hidden battery and mountain bike frame are the significant differences of small mountain e fat bikeA6AH20F from the foldable e fat bike. 20-inch aluminum alloy rims with 4-inch wide KENDA fat tires assist you handle every types terrains. This bike can be used for riding in the hilly ares and city ares, but the small wheel have not better obstacle crossing ability,like deep holes, big tree branch. Small mountain bike frame design can meet those who do not like big fat tire e fat bike but want to try. It is a great option for ladies, children and office workers.

For user have a comfortable and safe biking, the small mountain e fat bike was equipped with 160 disc brake system, which is gives the bike enough braking force when the bike is in high power. If you always get back home or get out at night, 3W front light with USB charging port provides you a bright night riding sight view. There  are  many reflector on the bike to warn other cars to pay attention to you and protect your safety. Though this e fat bike adopted mountain bike frame design, it used a comfortable and soft saddle, which is more suitable for city and countryside biking.

Another one is 20-inch wheel foldable e fat bikeA7AM20, collapsible aluminum alloy frame can help you save more space, just few seconds finish fold and put it beside your work place or in the corner. And it support to take it in the bus, subway and your car in folding situation. In order to give rider a easy biking, this bike feature a thumb throttle to enjoy a non-pedaling journey. Never have a sweat commuting travel. If your country prohibit throttle on e fat bikes,  it also equipped with a pedal assist system with five levels to choose one of them level assist cycling. Maybe you also need to pedal, but it is easier than riding a normal bike.

And this foldable e fat bike used SHIMANO 7 speed derailleur with shifter, and display system. we provide a LCD digital display screen on the handlebar, it will show you the information you want to know about this foldable e fat bike. We want this become your daily tool, it also equipped with a rear rack for carrying some stuff and more one person.  And it an excellent choice if you want to ride a bicycle around the neighborhood. So it could become your a “last mile” solution if you living in city. 

These two e fat bikes are a great choice for everyone, if you are interested in them. Leave your message below or visit our official website to browse more electric bikes.



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