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Common electric bikes handlebar types

Common electric bikes handlebar types

Handlebar is one of the electric bikes part. Maybe it is not like battery and motor so important, but it is one of parts you will usually touch the point of of electric bikes from which would be influence your riding experience. There are so many types out there. Each has its own unique advantages that can make or break your overall cycling comfort. Whatever mountain electric bikes, city electric bikes or road electric bikes use a different handlebar. Because sometime handlebar greatly affect the overall handling, stability ans reliability of your bike, next let me introduce some common handlebar types to help you picking the right handlebar type for your biking style.

Flat handlebar

Flat handlebar is one of the electric bikes handlebars which is standard type of bars for most bikes. Their feature is completely flat although in most cases, some flat handlebars would have a light bend. They are very popular among road electric bikes and mountain electric bikes due to their versatility and simple. You can easily install front light, brake levers and other auxiliary biking equipment since it’s just a straight bar. And it is earlier to fit different types of bar ends, if you need extra hand functions. This handlebar make the electric bikes leaning forward easier more suitable for climbing.

Riser handlebar

Riser handlebar is another popular and common handlebar among electric bikes, which also name mountain bike handlebar, and it is suitable for any type electric bikes. You can find it from mountain electric bikes, city electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes and road electric bikes. It just essentially flat bars that rise from the center clamp area. So most of Shuangye electric bikes use riser handlebar. especially on the mountain electric bike since it allows the rider to be more upright. This handlebar gives you more leverage and control the bike easily. And riser handlebar is also suitable for  those who have wrist problems. It is helpful to relieve wrist stress. Adapting more terrains and cycling style is riser handlebar another advantage.

Drop handlebar

Drop handlebar has a straight central section attached to the stem, with each end curving first forwards and down, and then back towards the rider at a lower position. Drop handlebar is very popular among road electric bikes enthusiast since it’s balance of great looks and versatility. For example, Shuangye one of A6-R road electric bikes use drop bar. This is so cool I think is would be the first feeling when you meet a drop bar road electric bike. Compared with other types of handlebars, drop bar features better aerodynamics, versatility and better for pedaling. Drop handlebar is good for the rider who likes to fast riding speed on the flat road. It is not a good option for hilly areas.

Cruiser handlebar

Cruiser handlebar is also known as North Road or Upright handlebar and commonly use on city electric bikes. Cruiser handlebar provides your bike a fashion elegant outlook, like Shuangye A3AL24. This type of handlebar allow riders to control the bike while sitting completely upright and put your wrists in the most natural position while riding to give you a bike superb comfortable cycling. So this handlebar electric bikes is a great option for those who living in urban and countryside.

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