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What differences two types of foldable electric bike

What differences two types of foldable electric bike

More of compact electric bikes are 14 inches, 16 inches or 20 inches wheels. Small wheels and small bike frame which is faster than non-electric bike and more flexible on the urban street than car. It not only save your time and energy when commuting and traveling, but also save space when fold situation. We have talked about two types 14 inches foldable electric bikes of our company products on previous article. And now, we want to talk about differences of this two types of 20 inches foldable electric bike. One is classic frame Shuangye A1-7, another is full suspension Shuangye A1-R.

What are differences between these two types of foldable electric bike? There are three parts different from classic frame foldable electric bike and full suspension foldable electric bike. Like bike frame design, tires and suspension. Let show these differences on by one.

First of all, what the difference about two types of foldable electric bike frame geometric design? Shuangye A1-7 use the most popular hidden battery folding classic bike frame with rear rack and Shuangye A1-R adopt sleek and concise bike frame with front and rear plastic mudguard. Both of them are collapsible design. One is a classic folding frame, another is fashion bike frame. They all design with a stable head tube angle,a suitable wheelbase setting and a riser angle suitable for hip treading based on their bike frame.

Secondly, foldable electric bike tires size also have little difference though they are 20 inches wheels. In fact full suspension foldable electric bike tires is fatter than classic frame foldable electric bike.  Classic frame foldable electric bike tires are 20”*1.75 wheel size, and full suspension foldable electric bike tires are 20”*2.125 wheel size. Fatter tires is suitable cycling on flat and unflat road which will give you riding more shock absorbing. And 20”*1.75 wheel size more suit cycling on flat urban road and street smoothly.

Thirdly, suspension is the biggest difference between the classic frame ebike and full suspension ebike. Classic frame foldable electric bike adopt steel front fork without any shock absorbing, but full suspension foldable electric bike equipped with suspension front fork and rear shock absorption. Classic frame foldable electric bike can meet your commuter and travel every day, and full suspension foldable electric bike provides you a comfortable riding experience and reduce riding vibration adapt to you often riding on unflat and muddy road.

And what the similarities of two foldable electric bikes? Material must be the first one. The foldable electric bikes both use light, durability, strong and designed to last Aluminum Alloy and feature a triple-fold design allows for extreme portability. They fold function just need three steps, collapse its stem, bend its frame, and fold its pedals to stow your folding bike in any compact space. Stow your bike inside trunks, subways, closets, or any compact space. Unlike most hefty adult bikes, the two types of foldable electric bikes are light enough to accommodate residents who living on the high floor and travelers always on the go.

Next is battery and motor, both of two foldable electric bike use hidden battery design. Using hidden battery make the foldable electric bike out look more concise and easily remove the battery from its stem when fold bike. The battery capacity both are 36V 9AH/10AH, reinforced with high quality and a long-lasting battery, so these two foldable electric bikes are the answer to revamping your everyday commute and travel. And they all use 36V 250W high-efficient hub brushless gear motor. Riding uphill save 80% less effort combine with pedal, throttle or both. And you can get 25-30 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 40-60 miles (Assisted Mode) riding under ideal condition with full charge. Getting riding up to 20/25km/h max speed.

And two types of foldable electric bikes also installed digital meter LCD display system which is on the left of handlebar. It show assistance level, distance travelled, real time speed, current motor operating temperature, remaining battery, front light sign, error sign and so on. It is convenient for you to observe the bike at any time while riding on the road. In order to your night riding, the foldable electric bike equipped with a bright 3W front light to ensure you have a bright view, and combine a USB charging port to solve your electric power of electronics.

160 mechanical disc brake system installed on foldable electric bikes front and rear wheel, stop folable electric bike easily and immediately as soon as you hit the brake. And adopt SHIMANO 7/9 speed gear system. Change the gear according to your riding situation, fast with high gear, slow with low gear. It also equipped with quick release on bike seat and handlebar and comfortable saddle. Easily adjust the bike seat and handlebar to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride.

We devoted to provide high quality electric bike and excellent riding experience. Enjoy the riding journey on the urban streets of this modern day with folding electric bikes. With these two types of folding electric bikes, get the best cycling feeling in men, ladies, and so much more.

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