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What is power assist bike?

What is power assist bike?

A power assisted bike or electric bike, is a pedal cycle with an electric motor attached to assist the rider. The attached electric motor may provide assistance and the pedals could be the main means of propulsion. If you want to save more time, some power assisted bike also installed thumb, just switch or press throttle to enjoy a pure electric riding journey.

power assisted bike

What is pedal assist?

Pedal assist is common to power assist bike, also one of essential part of whole e-bike. Pedal assist is one of operating modes on power assist bike designed to turn on the e-bike motor to help you pedal. Most e-bikes have a pedal-assist feature built in that lets you activate the motor by pedaling instead of using a twist or thumb throttle. The advantage is simple. Instead of twisting or pressing a throttle to activate your e-bike motor, just start pedaling and the motor will power up automatically. Usually, the speed sensor or torque sensor was installed in the bottom bracket of the power assist bike –  the axle or shaft that connects the two pedals and allows them to rotate. A setting on the e-bike display determines how much power the motor will use to assist you.

power assisted bike

Speed sensor VS Torque sensor

Simplicity and predictability are the advantages of speed sensor pedal assist. When you start pedaling, the motor will power up, and you can set how much motor power you want to assist you while pedaling. For example, Shuangye electric bike have 6 Pedal Assist Levels, from 0 to 5 levels. When you pedal, you will feel that you’re not adding any power to the ride – the motor is doing all the work. If you want to contribute leg power and get exercise, you can lower the pedal assist level on your e-bike’s display through button.

Torque sensors guarantee you’ll have physical exercise on your e-bike. The torque sensor only activates the motor as long as you’re putting pressure on the pedals. The motor will output the same of power 1:1 power transform to e-bike according to the speed of pedal. So, you have to gauge the level of power assist on how much exercise you want to  get from pedaling.

power assisted bike

Differences between power assisted bike and motorcycle

A power assisted bike is a bike with an electric motor attached to assist the rider. At first glance some motorcycle with pedals look very similar to power assisted bike. But most of motorcycles don’t installed pedal. Actually, power assist bike and motorcycle have many difference at some aspects, like speed, pedal crank spacing, weight, seat position, seat shape and gearing.

If a two wheels vehicle has an adjustable seat and multiple gears to make it easier to pedal, as well as a battery pack and a electric motor to assist the rider. Then, it is a power assisted bike.

power assisted bike

If a two wheel vehicle is fitted with a internal combustion motor or pedals are not the main means of propulsion. It is obvious that they are not a power assisted bike, they could called motorcycle or electric motorcycle.

This article tell you what is power assist bike from the aspect of pedal assist and the comparison of motorcycle. If you want to know more about power assist bike, you could browse previous articles or visit our Official Website, also could leave us a message below.



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